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  1. Thanks for the kind words, follow up question for people who have completed the Beacon Hill: am I supposed to side/shingle this notch area between the tower and mansard roof? Because that's going to be crazy!
  2. Ok so all is not lost then, it's just gonna be more work, I can deal with that, I've come this far! Thx
  3. Ok thanks guys, I guess Circut is the best bet then. Thanks for that video too, makes the process a little more clear
  4. Hello getting near done here in my Beacon Hill and I'm getting worried about the shingles and clapboard siding. I kinda thought there would be a place in the instructions that would say "INSTALL SHINGLES/SIDING NOW" but nope. So now I just got to Step U: Shutters and I really think those will need to sit on the siding. Have I really screwed up at this point? I'm looking at the windows and trim I will need to work around and I definitely wish I would have done the shingles and siding earlier. Any advice?
  5. Looking to get a wiring kit for my daughter this Christmas since I'm close to finishing the Beacon Hill. I'm seeing different brands and kits on the internet but I'm not sure what to go with: eBay has vintage Greenleaf wiring kits from the '80s but I don't know if that stuff is compatible with pieces sold today.. The Cir-Kit brand is on Amazon but it's pretty pricy... Can anyone reccoment the best brands to get that are reasonably priced and easy to install? Thanks!
  6. Ok thank you, I glued the extension around the perimeter of the bays and then attached the trim on top. Instructions were a little vague but this looks right... Onward to the tower piece!
  7. Back again and I need a little more advice please. I'm working on the bay windows on my beacon Hill and I'm supposed to attach the "from bay extension" and then the "front bay trim" on top of the front bay roof. The thing is theres no area for the extension to sit on, it pretty much lines up with the outside of the bay, is that where it should be instead if resting on top? Thanks all
  8. Thanks, I think you’re right and that’s kinda what I did, also looked at a YouTube video and I guess the way that all lines up is normal
  9. HavanaHolly, of course I have no issues with the forum, it’s great! I was referring to the instructions for the stairs may need to be fleshed out a bit in future releases of the dollhouse kit.
  10. HavanaHolly, of course I have no issues with the forum, it’s great! I was referring to the instructions for the stairs may need to be fleshed out a bit in future releases of the dollhouse kit.
  11. Back again! (At this rate the Beacon Hill will take me 3 years to finish lol) having a bit of an issue putting on the 3rd floor walls that contain some of the roof supports The roof support seems to be conflicting with a tab that’s sticking up on the right side. Please look at pics, it explains better than I can. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  12. Ok I have officially finished the stairs in my Beacon Hill, it could be better and I ended up just punching out all the peices and just putting them wherever they appeared to fit. Really, I don’t know if anyone from Greanleaf monitors these forums but the instructions for the stairs, particularly the last finishing steps, really needs help! anyways onward and upward!
  13. Ok I punched out those posts but I’m still at a loss on how to attach them to the post ends. (The Beacon Hill really needs a couple of pages devoted to just the stairs!) if anyone has advice or close pictures of the second and third floor posts and how to glue them on that would be so helpful! Thank you!
  14. Hi back again! (Someday I will finish these stairs!) heres where I’m at right now and I’m running into a snag. Instruction say put on cornerbposts on sheet 27 but I don’t see anything on instructions identifying the cornerbposts (please see pic) can someone clear this up? Thank you!
  15. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I’m going to look again tomorrow and decide once and for all if I should take it apart or not, so far just trying to remove the first riser was splintering the wood
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