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  1. Thank you for your suggestion, Holly! I've been making cardboard templates of the walls and floors as I assemble the house.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions! I have this habit of biting off more than I can chew, which either leads to learning something new, or ends with another unfinished project in my basement .
  3. Hello! I'm building the Duracraft Farmhouse FH-505 and I'd love some advice on how and at what point in the assembly I should install the lighting kit. I want to install the hardwood flooring that came with the dollhouse kit. I bought a Cir-kit deluxe wiring kit (from Facebook Marketplace for $20!). I put up the exterior walls of the dollhouse, thinking it would be easier to do the wiring once I had the house assembled and had a better idea of possible room layouts and lighting placement, then I would install the hardwood flooring. However, I'm now thinking that it may be a pain in the arse to install the hardwood after I have the interior walls in place, and I think it would look better if I installed the interior walls over the top of the hardwood floors. So now I'm stumped. Should I run the tape wiring along the base and across the base floor into the three first floor rooms (per the sample wiring diagram in the Cir-kit instructions), leaving enough length to run up the walls and ceilings, then install the hardwood, interior walls & second floor? Could permanently installing the hardwood floor over the tape wire cause any issues down the line? Or is there a way I could install the hardwood on a thin sheet of plywood or something, so that it could be easily slid out if there were ever problems with the tape wire under the flooring? Would I have to do that room by room and affix the interior walls to the base floor, or is there a way I could do the entire first floor in one piece? Or should I just re-sell the Cir-cut kit and go with a different wiring system that's more easily installed after the hardwood is installed and the house is assembled? Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you! After scouring the many newbie posts on this forum, I took the advice of starting with something smaller so I found a Greenleaf Village kit on eBay for practice
  5. Ha! I’ve been stalking craigslist for mine :)
  6. Thank you! I’m still undecided about color. Love the yellow, but then there’s white/cream, red, blue, so many choices! Lots of farms here in America’s Dairyland so I thought maybe I’d take a little road trip (if it ever warms up) and get some inspiration :)
  7. Hello all, My name is Hilary, I live in NE Wisconsin and I've always loved miniatures! In the late 80's, I saved up my money to buy the Dura-Craft Farmhouse FH-500 and spent many hours building it with my grandfather who passed away in 2005. I had collected bunches of furniture and accessories, many of it gifts from my parents and grandparents. I also saved up to buy the wiring kit. I was so proud of that house and it was the one thing from my childhood that I wanted to hang onto. A few years ago, I discovered that the dollhouse and totes of furniture and accessories were stolen by a former landlord or his property manager. I was absolutely devastated. So I decided to rebuild it. Today I bought the FH-505 kit from ebay and I'm super excited! I'm also very much looking forward to making some new friends here and learning all I can. Thank you for reading my intro!
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