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  1. Such a sweet bday gift. What meal would you want to receive a miniature version of, based on your actual diet? I would have a bowl of grits for sure. With a tiny pat of butter.
  2. Thank you all for the advice. I’m going to go ahead and dry fit my Diana - mostly because I’m dying to see her put together! ❤️❤️❤️
  3. @Debsrand56 What do you use to hold the half scale dollhouse together as you dry fit? I'm such a newbie!! ... and Thank You for your help! ;)
  4. Hi! I just received my half scale Diana kit, which is laser cut. My research indicates that die cut dollhouses should always be dry fit, but I haven't been able to really find anything about laser cut houses. Any advice? Should I dry fit my Diana before assembling? The instructions mention nada on the subject ... and also say to use hot glue which seems to be incorrect Thank you!!!
  5. Hello Everybody This is my first official post! I've been hanging out around the forum for a couple weeks, reading and learning, ever since I ordered my first dollhouse a couple weeks ago. My mother enjoys miniatures and I was looking for a Christmas present when I stumbled across Greenleaf kits. Immediately I was transported back to my childhood, yet experienced additional interest because of my background as an artist and lover of all things crafty. I ordered the half scale Diana for my mother and I to complete together. Really I imagine it will more be like my m
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