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  1. Mr. Sable, the previous message was from my husband. Praying you can help!!!
  2. The wiring is in good shape to the ceiling fixture. The problem is most of them are underneath walls and tough to get to for making a splice. If these were still available somewhere, it would save us a lot of work. Thank you for all of your help.
  3. Hi everyone!! I am new to the Greenleaf dollhouse community!! I am rebuilding the doll house my sister and I received 31 years ago for Christmas. (For those who replied to my new member post, I apologize; I was incorrect. 1986 is the year stated on the plaque on the doll house, so it is 31, not 32 years old. Again, my apologies!!) My husband and I plan to give to my oldest daughter this Christmas!!! We are hoping not to have to rewire the entire dollhouse. We want to preserve its integrity. It came wired this way when my parents commissioned it to be made by Miniature Gallery in Memphis, TN. Is anyone familiar with this type of lighting? If so, could you lead me in the direction of where to find these lighting connectors? Or lights with this type of electrical connection? Thank you all in advance!!!
  4. Hi Sable!!! Thank you so much!! About to make a post in the General Mini Talk Forum! Please check if you have a chance??
  5. Thank you Mid-life madness!! We have looked on YouTube. My husband knows all about wiring; just looking for a specific piece from when this dollhouse was made 32+ years ago; hoping not to have to re-wire the entire dollhouse as 3 of the 9 lights still work. Have not found it yet! Please wish us luck!! Thank you for your kind response!!
  6. Thank you havanaholly!!! I truly appreciate your direction! Will post in 20-30 minutes!!
  7. Hi Greenleaf Dollhouse Community! My name is Sallie Odom, and I am so excited about joining this new community!!! I love Jesus, am married to the most amazing man on the planet (in my opinion anyway!) and have two beautiful baby girls, and a tail-wagging fur-baby!! I am currently renovating the dollhouse my sister and I received for Christmas 32 years ago, which my husband and I are giving to our oldest daughter this Christmas. Needless to say, I will have some questions!! Especially about lighting; does anyone know where I post lighting questions! Thank you all in advance, and I eagerly look forward to conversing with you on this page! Sincerely, Sallie Odom
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