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  1. The beginnings of a new chair... Basic shape
  2. Nicely done and I have to agree with everyone else....stonework looks fantastic!
  3. Keifer

    Roof section close up

    Fingers crossed...it resembles a house.
  4. Keifer

    Roof section close up

    I hope so...thanks for the vote of confidence.
  5. Keifer

    Completed house

    Looks fantastic. I wish we could zoom in on these pictures.
  6. Thank you Holly. I’m working on a chair but no fire pit sadly. Maybe my next build. Thank you so much, my pleasure.
  7. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    The black glass section will be removable to allow access if needed.
  8. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    Painted and ready to go. This painted base and columns will support the curved beams in the great room.
  9. Of course I had to put the sofa in there to see how it would fit with the space.
  10. I found these peal and stick tile sheets at Home Depot and thought they would be perfect for the floor in the great room. Unfortunately they no longer sell them. What made them great compared to the many other tile sheets out there was how thin they were, about half the thickness of what is readily available.
  11. Keifer

    chair 2.jpg

    When the dry run gets you excited, you know you’re on the right track.
  12. Keifer

    chair 3.jpg

    I like it too! The chair looks good and seems like a proper height.
  13. It’s a cozy looking bathroom. Nicely done.
  14. Thank you, coming along slowly.
  15. I hope so. Thank you.
  16. I vote for just one tower. Two towers no matter how good the photoshop would be just looks forced. The 3rd option is too symmetrical for my taste.
  17. That looks pretty intense...I’m glad it worked out for you. Electrical issues are the worst.
  18. Looks great! I like the papers with the burnt edges.
  19. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    A bit of fun with the sofa in place and one column painted. A piece of paper to simulate a painting which will go there.
  20. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    This is the other side of the kitchen wall. Here you can see how I add the wiring, once complete I will board it up and seal it in.
  21. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    This is the wall that divides the kitchen and the great room. This is the kitchen side which will be somewhat difficult to see once building is complete.
  22. Keifer

    Great Room flooring

    I’ll be sure to tell the workers that break time is over and to get back to work.
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