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  1. It’s getting there. Slow and steady wins the race as they say.
  2. Interesting...I never thought of painting it. Thank you.
  3. Thanks! I agree. I did finish the cat piece by attaching it to a base, just never took pics.
  4. I thought I would share my carving process, although it’s more grinding and sanding rather than carving. First I find a suitable sized chunk of wood, tight grain works better for tiny figurines. Next I sketch the basic shape on the block and use scroll saw to cut out. Next it’s dremel time and grind away to get the basic features to come out. Once it get close I switch to files and sandpaper....LOTS of sanding.
  5. After doing one on a whim, I discovered I like doing mini animal carvings from wood. The cat was my first and it turned out bigger than I wanted, still enjoyable but not well suited for 1/12th scale. Next I challenged myself to go smaller and made my Olifant. A tribute to a life size decorative design piece, perfect for any dollhouse.
  6. Keifer

    Column progression

    Thanks! If I remember correctly it’s either an inch or 1 1/8”
  7. Thank you! It’s starting to look like a house. The stairwell will have to wait until I finish the great-room. Well thank you, you’re not too shabby yourself. The glass can be a challenge at times but I just love the look. Why thank you, that’s very humbling.
  8. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    I was going for a textured look as I did not want a solid plain wall for the front entrance. Thanks, I just love the look of warm wood with darker grays. Thank you Kim.
  9. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    Thank you so much. I was lucky enough to find a wee bit at a local hobby shop where they kept their bass and balsa wood selections. Funny thing...real life stuff I’m horrible at but in mini I get to live out my fantasies.
  10. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    It’s such a wonderful wood...you don’t even have to stain it. I just rubbed some danish oil on it and voila! Thank you my dear! Thank you. Much appreciated.
  11. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    Thank you.
  12. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    Thank you so much. One of my favorite woods to work with...cherry.
  13. Thank you! Yes. Where that red circle is on the left will be a stairwell and to the left of that the house will be 2 floors, upper bedroom and the lower a den like area.
  14. Keifer

    Scratch built dollhouse

    My 2nd build where I attempt to build a contemporary dollhouse from scratch. Lots of experimenting, hopefully it all comes together.
  15. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    Close up with tinted grout.
  16. Keifer

    Entryway floor

    From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    Made from wood and plastic.
  17. From the album: Scratch built dollhouse

    Dry fit progress pic of the 1/12th scale house thus far. L to R we have the entryway, great-room and kitchen.
  18. Keifer

    23mar boat equp.jpg

    I think they look great! All very official looking.
  19. You might want to consider storing it vertical when not in use as mine ended up being a catch all tray sitting on my workbench. I got annoyed at myself as I had to empty it every time I wanted to use it.
  20. Well done! I think the wider sticks look better in a darker stain.
  21. I am, thanks to you. You pointed me in his direction shortly after I joined the forum. He has such a style all his own. I hope with several more years under my belt that I will develop my own style.
  22. Thank you! It’s still in the early stages but I hope one day it will be.
  23. All your floral work is really top notch.
  24. Keifer


    I rarely sketch things out, I am the king of winging it. You’ve got this!
  25. Keifer


    Looks great! I think the walls go with the floor, but maybe it looks different in person.
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