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  1. I buy the cheapest 8x10 photo frame at Walmart. Even their thickness varies from frame to frame. I only had two pieces big enough for the table of the thinnest glass. I accidentally dropped the first piece
  2. Thanks Rebecca! Me too! If only mini making skills could translate to real life building skills.
  3. Never in my adult life have I ever been called/considered cool but thank you. As far as the autograph is concerned...you’ll have to talk to my agent
  4. Thank you! Thank you!
  5. Thank you Deb, your support and kind words are most appreciated. I am very proud of this piece.
  6. Keifer

    MCM Coffee Table

    Thank you so much. I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
  7. Thank you Deb, much appreciated!
  8. Did a little photo shoot with a chair I made a while back but compliments the table perfectly.
  9. This table is a mid century modern design inspired by the iconic design of Ico Parisi. An Italian designer/furniture maker. My version is made from cherry wood and real glass. The table is finished with several coats of danish oil as staining was not necessary.
  10. You were real close Holly. It’s a coffee table but not a shadowbox one. I like that idea though.
  11. Keifer

    Furniture-mini of course

    My adventures into the world of mini furniture making.
  12. Keifer

    MCM Coffee Table

    From the album: Furniture-mini of course

    1/12th scale mid century modern coffee table. Inspired by the iconic design of Ico Parisi, an Italian artist, designer and furniture maker.
  13. Those are fun and they look fantastic too!
  14. I guess I should have said “most” as the only this missing is a piece of glass. Some of these pieces were not in their exact final shape as it was still a work n progress. I feel confident saying that this is the best piece of furniture I have built. It’s absolutely my favorite anyway. Should have pics up tomorrow. I hope you like it as much as I do.
  15. Keifer


    I love it when miniaturists come together in joy and harmony. Beautiful basket BTW!
  16. It’s furniture time once more. I’m not sure if this piece will make it into my current house build as the style doesn’t quite fit. I was inspired by a piece someone I admire recently made and I wanted to attempt my own version. Here are some of the components....any guesses?
  17. Thank you, but technically it’s an attempt until it’s complete
  18. Keifer

    Front door

    Thank you!
  19. Keifer

    boat chairs.jpg

    These are fantastic! They have a presence...one which is just right for being on a boat.
  20. Keifer


    The details on that bay window are just fantastic! How do you plan to finish the base of the house? Stone?
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