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  1. I’m kind of in the middle. I enjoy the building aspect but I also enjoy making furniture. I struggle with the decorating, some people are just perfect with getting just the right details in place. I compensate my lack of decorating skills by trying to make my furniture make a statement and keep things minimal.
  2. Keifer


    That darker stonework looks great!
  3. Well until we get some warmer temps here in the midwest, there will be no mini furniture. I still have running water and electricity so I won’t complain. I have been working on some tiny wood figurines. Got to get some decorative pieces in my build.
  4. Good for you on opening an etsy shop. I know plenty of people have them but I still think its a big deal. I applaud your courage.
  5. I don’t remember what the table looked like but the book looks spot on!
  6. Keifer

    Roof section close up

    Thank you! Slow and steady...
  7. Thanks Holly. Lindor does make a mighty fine truffle.
  8. The finished chair. Made from a life size kitchen chair dating to sometime in the 80’s. The design is inspired from a chair I saw on Pintrest.
  9. Keifer

    Contemporary chair

    Thank you! So sweet, thank you.
  10. Keifer

    Contemporary chair

    Thank you Rebecca!
  11. Keifer

    Day bed

    That is a great kit, especially for that scale. You are very talented at putting these small kits together.
  12. Keifer

    Contemporary chair

    Thank you. Much appreciated.
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