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  1. I guess I need to make a few posts in order for the system to know that I am not a robot LOL!!! I still can’t upload any photos.
  2. Not sure how to upload pics as the message I am receiving is that the photos are too large.
  3. I inherited a dollhouse kit from my biological mother who passed away a year ago. I met her when I was 20 years old and was mesmerized by her talents when we met, one of which was her passion for building miniatures and dollhouses. The dollhouse I recieved was the SW Crafts 1979 Fantasy Island House. Although the pieces were in good condition, the box was in bad shape and the instructions were missing. Fortunately Google Search brought me to this site where I was able to connect with MadTex1967 who was more than happy to send me a copy of the instructions. I was also able to make
  4. Making progress on my Fantasy Island house. Thanks again MadTex1967 for the instructions!
  5. Jpro60

    Fantasy Island Dollhouse

    Here is the progress on the Fantasy Island Dollhouse I inherited. So much fun building this but LOTS of discoveries and learning curves. YIKES!!! It seemed like each step turned into multiple steps due to my inexperience.
  6. Making progress on my 1st. Dollhouse
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