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  1. The house I am currently working on is a Willow, by Corona Concepts. After watching hours of videos and reading numerous tips and techniques, I decided to go “old school” and install round wiring. The technique I am using could be called “grooving.” I have seen a video on this before, where a builder used a knife to cut a groove across the floor, then glued the wires in it before installing the carpet. Thus, the wires were hidden completely. I decided to use a similar concept, but the plywood floors in this particular kit were so nice that I did not want to use paint or carpet on t
  2. My Florida home is in Lake Mary, about halfway between Daytona Beach and Disney World. I will check out Ron’s Miniatures! “The Fixer” came from my many years of repairing cars and trucks, as well as toys, plumbing, doors, locks, etc. and a reputation to fix things that others said could not be done. But it does have a nice “gangster” quality, doesn’t it? LOL! Thanks for the kind welcomes, I hope to begin posting soon.
  3. Greetings to all. It has come to my attention that I have not introduced myself, so here goes... I am retired, but worked in automotive service for nearly 50 years. I was born and grew up in Washinton, DC and relocated to Florida, which is my “official” home base, in 1989. My Dad and I built a home on the coast of lower Delaware in 1968 and I learned many skills from him. I received my fist dollhouse kit, the Greenleaf Harrison, as part of my rewards fot excellence in the Cadillac Craftsman’s League in 1979. It stayed untouched until my daughter was almost 9 years old and I
  4. I recommend watching all of the videos you can. You will see variations in the techniques, which you can apply according to what you find easiest and the design and materials of your house. Take the plunge; it’s fun no matter how you decide to do it. Just takes patience and a bit of planning!
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