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  1. This is a brilliant tip! Thank you for sharing!
  2. Hi Tillie! I don't have a link to the specific lights you're seeking, but Evan Designs are a great go-to for miniature lighting. They probably have some combination you could rig up to create your desired under the counter lighting effect. https://evandesigns.com/
  3. Those arched doors are fantastic!
  4. When miniatures are done will, it's nearly impossible to tell that they are, in fact, miniatures. Outstanding work - you took it from hobby/craft to fine art, Kim!
  5. Oh Kells, that is brilliant! Don't you love it when the solution is right there "under your nose" all along, just waiting to reveal itself?! The shape is perfect for your piano.
  6. It's really interesting to see your formula/breakdown, Lee. Again, thank you for sharing! It makes it quite easy to justify the cost of these unique, 3D printed miniatures.
  7. Glad you weathered the storm, pun intended!
  8. So glad to introduce you! I've made many of his kits and they go together like a dream. I stumbled across his minis on Etsy quite a while ago and have been hooked ever since. I've loved every project, but the 16th century chest is likely my favorite miniature I've ever made from a kit. That and the Bible box just look sooooooo good once they're assembled. Someday I'll get around to creating an album for my Aster Cottage; basically I built it to have somewhere to properly display my Arjen Spinhoven miniatures!
  9. Thanks for your response, Roxanne. Interesting stuff!
  10. Slightly off topic, but mostly on topic question. . . I don't have a 3D printer, and while they fascinate me, I have no desire to fiddle with one at this point in my life. . . anyway, I have purchased some fantastic 3D printed miniatures on Etsy, but I always feel they are somewhat pricey for something machine-produced and not handcrafted. So my question is this - do the materials and labor involved in 3D printing justify these rather expensive costs, or is the price tag simple because the miniatures themselves are unique? Maybe it's a combination? Just curious what y'all think.
  11. Liquitex gloss gel medium was a game-changer for me. There are many brands out there, but I really like this one - great quality and a tube seems to last forever! You can add it to acrylic paint (I usually do a 1:1-ish ratio when I want a transparent, buildable "wash") and it adds a beautiful texture and transparency when painting furniture, etc. I've found it especially useful when painting mdf furniture kits that are laser cut, when the wood simply doesn't look very nice or take the stain very well. Since the paint does cover any less than perfect gluing jobs, it's really a helpful alternative to stain. I was first introduced to the idea of using a gel medium with my paint through Arjen Spinhoven's amazing kits. If you scroll down to the "painting instructions" section, he gives an excellent overview of how to paint to get a beautiful finish. https://arjenspinhoven.nl/en/Building_Instructions I've used alcohol markers to touch up very small spots on wood, but that's it. Just a week or two ago I tested a spot on a little table I was making thinking it would be easier to use the markers than to mess with traditional wood stain, but the alcohol marker just didn't look good. As always, experiment!
  12. Hahaha Love it! The pewter shop is darling, by the way, and I'm so glad you shared this story. I shared it with my husband and he got a good chuckle out of it too.
  13. Glad this plan is working out, Kells! I sense your enthusiasm and can relate to the thrill of the mini hunt! All this talk of that Mini Mundus piano makes me want one. . . but I don't need another piano, and I don't have room in any of my houses for it. So if I build a piano that has no home, I have no choice other than to build another dollhouse, right? It's the only logical solution. 😅 My husband strolled by the computer when I was looking at the piano kit; he didn't skip a beat and said, "That's neat. You should put it on your Christmas list." 🥰 I knew I married the right man.
  14. https://minimumworld.com/40106-biedermeier-pier-mirror-and-side-table-kit At the time of my post, Minimum World has 4 in stock, on sale for $31.31. I've ordered from them more times than I can count, and they ship pretty quickly to the US. Very, very nice company with excellent customer service! Edit: They have the piano in stock as well, on sale for $39.33. https://minimumworld.com/shop-by-product/dolls-house-furniture/furniture-kits/40086-upright-piano-kit-with-stool
  15. I don't know the maker of the table at the top, but if it's any bit of a clue/lead, 2 of the items (the bag of flour and Imperial Biscuit tin down below) are brands that would be found in the UK, not the US. . . so it's at least possible that the artist might be from across the pond. The piano. . . have you considered altering a kit? Mini Mundus (a German company) make extraordinary kits. I haven't made the upright piano myself, but it looks like you could easily swap the legs for the shape you desire. If you added a very narrow piece of trim to the upper front board and repositioned the music rack onto the fallboard, I think you could achieve your desired look. https://www.minimundus.de/en/piano-stool Another suggestion might be to look on Etsy for a miniature artist who is doing something similar to what you're seeking, even if it's not a perfect match. In my experience, many of the artists on Etsy are very accommodating in doing custom pieces or tweaking things to your liking even if they don't specifically advertise that they do commissioned pieces.
  16. I've used the 2nd YouTube tutorial that Medieval posted above. Definitely a fun process! (Also a little messy, but in a good way.)
  17. Your attention to detail is great. I especially love the exposed hinges on the upper doors. Those little details make such a difference! The yellow canister set is too cute! 🥰
  18. IndyCindy


    Is the bed coverlet worked in needlepoint? (tent stitch, cross stitch, etc.) Quite a sweet little bedroom!
  19. My Aster cottage build is finally nearing completion to the point that I don't anticipate needing any of the scrap wood left from my kit. Now I'm all for having a stash for future projects, but honestly, the wood is so rough that I don't anticipate building anything with it. In an attempt to declutter my workspace a little, I was ready to chuck all of scraps I've saved for over a year now. Does anyone do anything fantastic with their Greenleaf scraps that would make me regret tossing them? If not, please tell me it's okay to throw them away.
  20. Perfect! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  21. My Aster cottage finally has a thatched roof. I used coconut fiber and basically followed the tutorial offered by Earth and Tree. I'm satisfied with the results, but I'm noticing LOTS of shedding. Today I was brainstorming ideas to help with the shedding and I wondered if a heavy coat of hairspray might work? Is this ridiculous? Will it not age well if I introduce something synthetic to the natural coconut fibers? Any suggestions and advice are welcome!
  22. If they haven't been re-glued by the previous owner (and it's just Reutter's glue) you should be able to just gently pull them off. If any residue remains on the porcelain, you can just scrape it off with your finger nail, no special tools necessary. The company does a nice job of affixing them securely, but you shouldn't have any issues removing them.
  23. Interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience with both.
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