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  1. Wow! This looks wonderful! I'm terribly impressed with that faux staircase. Looks real to me ;)
  2. It's sad to hear of another mini lover's passing. I am glad that you are giving me an opportunity to get acquainted with her work! Thanks for sharing this, Karin P.s. It looks like we live in the same town! I also reside in Eugene, OR. I came here for grad school a few years ago. Nice to know there are others who make/love minis in the Emerald City!
  3. Matt, this is superb (though I'm entirely without surprise, since everything I've seen of yours on here is truly lovely). I love the added interest of the stair steps. It's a truly convincing illusion, indeed! Thank you very much for sharing.
  4. Hahaha, Kathie I suppose that's true. I hope that we can keep it up! I'm sure that there are lots of us who have plenty of tricks up our sleeves, after all!
  5. Kathie, Holly, and Carrie, you've been so encouraging~~~ I think you're all very right; smoke and mirrors! I will definitely be attempting this and I appreciate you all sharing your work and experiments for inspiration! I find the peak-a-boo faux stairs especially compelling (though I already chose the 'attic trapdoor' solution to those finicky stairs!). I would love to see more examples of how folks do this and other 'fool the eye' techniques. Can anyone recommend a thread on here about these sorts of tricks? Thanks again! ~E
  6. Hi everyone, Long time no see (or, read, rather). I have been steadily, if slowly, working on my kit bash (the discontinued Laurel + the discontinued Adams, with a few scratch additions--see a theme here?). I think all of the kits that I'm working with are very...um...well sort of flat, in the sense that the walls, ceilings, etc. don't have any angles to add visual interest. This was one advantage of building an Orchid, the attic has all those lovely angles and recesses. This got me thinking: some of the rooms are relatively deep and I wonder whether using, say, a corner or a side wall o
  7. It looks like there's a case of 'great minds.' This looks like a very handy gadget! Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. This looks amazing! I think this will most definitely do the trick! I think this is similar to what Carrie was suggesting in the last post?
  9. Hi again everyone! I was wondering: do any of you have tips for cutting scale wood (or bamboo coffee stirrers, for that matter) in large quantity? I know that lots of folks use the EasyCutter or other miter cutter tools to get those lovely mitered corners, cut trim of various kinds, etc. Does this help with speeding things along too? I sometimes strap pieces together and throw them in my miter box, but cutting floor boards is getting very tedious! Every time I sit down to do some cutting, I think, 'There has to be a better way to do this!' I'm not looking to invest in anything too expens
  10. third_hand

    wallpaper 3.JPG

    What an excellent in-progress photo! This is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
  11. Thanks for all of your input everyone! I have decided I have the emotional fortitude to cannibalize this one, in the interest of space. I did, however, discover that the attic bedroom--though it doesn't go well with any other mini projects I am working on--would make for a wonderful room box! Weirdly enough, I've never built anything smaller than a house, so it will be an entirely new experience for me. Wish me lots of luck!
  12. Hi everyone! I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy I was wondering: how do you all feel about letting go of your first dollhouse? Do you find you are so attached to it that it's hard to see it go? Has anyone comfortably 'cannibalized' (or developed a better metaphor for this) the contents of their first house and moved on bravely? My first house (of which there are only a few photos uploaded on here because I am both bad with a camera and bad with the internet!) feels like it's 'done.' It's not full to the brim and it doesn't have that full 'lived in' look, but it feels like I
  13. Hooray for new mini blogs! Thank you for sharing
  14. So very very glad we're up and running again! I'm looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to I'm teaching from home, online and that's left me with lots and lots of mini time. I started a new project, a Laurel + Adams bash (well, I started the egg carton brick for my exterior anyway!). Even though I am terribly at taking photos (as evidence by the lack of photos from my first build), I solemnly swear to get better at sharing photos for others to enjoy Again, so very excited to be reconnected with you all!
  15. I like Holly's foam idea (you're so very thrifty!) but I'd like to at least give wood a try. Does anyone have a preferred kind/brand of siding planks to recommend? Thanks for the advice everyone!
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