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  1. good choice jeannine! you be strong, dont let ebay beat you up! you have all these wonderful greenleaf neighbors offering their kindness, collective experience and so ready to help and give supportive wisdom! i feel fortunante to have found the greenleaf family.
  2. your so right! i should not have said the FRAUD word, that was a little harsh and did not apply to this situation. chase bank went to bat for me against the great big giant AMAZON. it was my fault accidently pressing one click ordering and they had kept my payment info from two years prior. my other bank went to bat for me (twice) with these late night infomercials flooding the market with promises they did not keep. my fault again, i thought i was going to pay the advertised price and both companies hiked that price up to more than double and charged my debit card, i was floored. i dont use regular credit cards anymore. if debbie dont have the the money, debbie does without, period! if debbie orders online and the price hikes up double, i may not have the funds in there! my bank could see my purchase history and my standard of living, they knew i had made a boo boos. im not saying you made boo boos or a bad decision, i just wanted to make the point that my bank helped me, inspite of me. it wont hurt to call and ask. i hope things work out for you! dont give up is all I'm saying. keep knocking on as many doors as you need to. dont forget about that suggestion with the ebay complaint time frame... you still have time to start that process too! i think its absolutley marvelous that the greenleaf community cares so much to help each other. so much wisdom from such wonderful neighbors!
  3. jeannine, we have alot of success in our area where people use the local news media to investigate claims like yours. they should want to take your case on and contact e-bay and the seller for you since its E-BAY! i deal with a very small local bank and have had accounts with large banks like chase and bank of america and the like. i have had smaller scale (maybe 200.00 the most) disputes with companies with both size banks. everytime i contact my bank dispute department and tell them about my dispute with a seller and that i have done everything within my power to resolve the issue, regardless, if i used my debit card or used it as a credit card. its your bank and they want you to be happy and stay with them. as far as i know, most banks have a dispute department that will assist you with fraudulent issues. and this guy is comitting fraud from what i can gather from the post. the banks will help intervene and will return your funds to you almost immediately. then, their legal department, will go to work on your behalf and i have NEVER NOT GOTTEN MY ISSUES RESOLVED when i contacted my bank. i had issues with amazon, i had issues with ordering old lady cremes off tv info-mercials and a lost debit card with fraudulent charge on it. i have always been very happy with the big banks and my small bank. i hope this helps in some way.. i will be praying that you get this resolved and get your money back if that is what you want. or the seller does everything he promised so you get what you really wanted and why you spent the money! im sorry your going through this! its not fun to be to trust people and then thinkgs like this happen! hang in there, something good is about to happen for you even if you cant see the light for the darkness right now.
  4. holly, thanks for the book/topic area, i havent navigated around the forum much since i get so lost but i will have to look at it for sure.. wow! your own workshop in the back yard and air-conditioned to boot! arent you the one to envy! so jealous!
  5. so while i still have this tab on my computer open i found 4 books at my tiny hick town library. yeah! 3 crafters books and the one i listed at the bottom, has anyone ever read it? 1. A family dollhouse : an introduction to crafts in miniature by Stein, Sara Bonnett. 2. Dollhouse furniture: Collector's guide to selectin. by Towner, Margaret 3. Dolls' House Inspirations by Nisbett, Jean. 4. A dollhouse to die for by Price, Cate, author. *** the kicker for me was this 3 star rated book, cant wait to get it and read it... the preview of it sounds so cute and its about dollhouses... bet i can get some halloween ideas for my dollhouse next year! 5. The strangers on Montagu Street by White, Karen (Karen S.), author. has anyone read it? heres just a tid-bit - But when night falls, some unnerving shadows are cast within the miniature dollhouse rooms. By the time Melanie senses malevolent presences, it's too late. A new family with its own secrets and personal demons has moved in and is drawing Nola into its inescapable darkness. sounds pretty cute to me! it is halloween season after all! oh no i found another one! 6. Mix-up in miniature by Grace, Margaret, 1937- author. - ... and they find a clue to her murder in a secret room ... of a dollhouse . ... Geraldine Porter is thrilled to meet bestselling author and miniatures enthusiast Varena Young. wow! i never knew the dollhouse world would be so fun! maybe they will give me ideas within their fantasy worlds. good night! hubby is trying to sleep and hates the tap tap tap as he puts it when i type on my lap top. have a wonderful sunday!
  6. onward and upward to the internet library we go...if im lucky, they will have some books i can reserve tonight and pick up tomorrow. and yes, we live in a small southern bible belt texas hick town, but they voted to let the library be open on sundays! shocked us for sure! after church hours, mind you... lol lol thank you for mentioning the library, i use them often for my crafting ideas and printing since my big computer died, i got rid of the printer since the printer ink was eating up a good portion of my fun money. i do all my printing at the library at more than half the cost! sweet dreams to all of you! talk to you soon! i appreciate all of your ideas and help in everything. i think i will pick up a few photography books too. ive always wanted to be a photographer too! now i can combine everything all in one! what fun! im having a blast! i hope yall are too!
  7. sable, just saw your post, so glad i ask about the garage verses the house thing... it makes more sense and glad you shared the messy details. i needed to hear that before i set everything up. we have a small two car garage with two small compact cars, but, i might be able to do something in there if i pull my car out on a as needed basis. just a thought, i really like my cars to be in the garage if possible, the other home we moved from did not have an attached garage and the garage it had was on a dirt floor in the back alley area. it was spookey and i wanted to tear it down, but then my mom got a big heart one day and bought us the house we live in now. she was fond of my hubby jim, she found this house on a short sale and got a great deal under 100,000. now its valued around 160,000. its gone up over 10,000 per year in our area, we are grateful if we sell but the taxes go up. i wont give up the idea of mini power tools just yet. the idea of getting up and moving around from my work station is better for the legs anyways. i can sit for hours and not know what time it is or how long ive been there doing my projects. so, woodworking is a new adventure and a welcomed one! i too get overheated and need the air conditioning. our family/sun room does not have heat or air but we use a standing turbo silent fan from main house to sun/family room. hubby installed 2inch faux wood blinds on 12 windows and that room is chilly enough to use lap blankets. so, thats another factor, i will not be able to work in there without a fan going. i have a guest room i could use but i just dont want to be cut off from everything. i dont want to be stuck in a small dark room by myself. so i may have to think about invading the (his smoking lounge - lol) garage for a few phases of dollhouse building a little bit harder. .... so many details, so many things to think about! fun, fun, fun! yall, are all so wonderful to share your ideas and help me understand all the facets of setting up my shop and tools and i cant wait to start my creations.... im really hoping the NAME CLUB ladies will have ideas and maybe some tools and parts and houses they want to sell or downsize and get rid of. i will take anything they want to share. before we moved in our current home and before my mom passed (i was lucky my siblings (two older very successful brothers) did not want any of her stuff) my house is full of my mom's things. before she passed, i was alsways going to good will, salvation army, yard sales, thrift stores to get all our furniture and stuff, i think i bordered between a hoarder and a collector depending on your point of view. i take it that dollhouse builders are definetly collectors! you would have to be to be able to perform such feats. i used to love to shop and used my imagination for everything, but, my mom had so many nice things, and mostly her furniture was fairly new so i was fortunate to get rid of my mis-matched stuff, and decorate my much smaller home with her much larger homes things, she used to laugh at me and say i was a hoarder. its funny that shopping obsession left me when she passed and now i am perfectly happy with her stuff in my home. its been fun to have her stuff to remember her by. in the winter time jim and i will sit by the fire and drink coffee and i will lean over to my husband and whisper in his ear and say dont tell mom we are sitting on her living room furniture, drinking coffee, lol she had her rules and thats how she kept her things so nice! we are more relaxed, but, i do kow we will never be able to afford to replace her expensive stuff. if i ruin it, i cant afford to replace it, i will have to go back to goodwill. lol so i wont be setting up a power -tool work shop in my family/sun room. thank you for explaining the details of how messy it will be... i needed that! the only comparison i have is my polymer clay sculptures and while they are small and detailed and require alot of sanding (bc i want perfection - i called them my perfectly imperfect creations) the heavy dust was mainly on my clothes, even with a fan going. for almost a year, 5 days a week, 10 hour days, i did my crafts over at my brothers home while taking care of his now deceased wife who had early onset alzhiemers (so sad) and the dust from my crafting all day did not seem to bother him or he did not notice any and belive me he is very picky. he would have said something. he has a very clean (he does all his own cleaning) nice, large, expensive modern home. he would have said something if my crafting all day (in between taking care of karen) for 10 hours a day, while he worked, would have bothered him. i got dusty and dirty (i kept a change of clothes) but it did not seem to move throughout the room? so yes, thank you for telling me just what i needed to hear before i set up my work station.. now, it looks like i will have to entertain the idea of having a garage workstation and a house work station. good for the bones - moving around more! lol thanks for helping and all the ideas! yall are precious to me!
  8. holly, i looked up hub band saw and what im gonna refer to as a manual coping saw. are they the same except one is electric power tool? and were you referring to the big-boy size or is there a mini band-saw? boy hidee if you you a big-boy band saw i can see where a girls gonna have to have some instruction. more power to you! your work is so detailed and i get hooked more and more and more if thats even possible, looking at yours (you dont know how much the pics help me, i need the pics, thanks for sending the pics to help me see what your talking about) and thankyou everyone for your pics, and links to your creations that i envy so much.
  9. holly, thanks for the library idea, duh? i forgot i could go there. we live in a tiny, kinda backward, very poor, town, but we have access to a larger library through them from a larger city near by. so yes, good advice! i will find out what they have and have them transferred to my library, great idea! i often get on a kick (bored to death) of sorts and will walk out of our library with 20 plus books. they are so nice and people donate all kinds of bags for you to use and i do use them! the bigger library has all kinds of instructional videos/dvd's too... i bet i could get a few on woodworking and power tools. yippee im gonna have fun! thanks for the idea and the names of the books.
  10. i just looked up the: MicroLux® Mini Tilt Arbor Table Saw for Benchtop Hobby Use, Ryobi, 18-Volt ONE+ JobPlus Base with Multi-tool Attachment, Rockwell RK3440K 4 Amp Versacut Circular Saw, LOVE IT! CANT WAIT! i think im going to go this route if i can find a class to teach me how to use the big-boy tools first. so, sable yet, another question: do you do most of your smaller cutting projects/stages at your dollhouse building area or do you cut some in the garage or do you have a shop where you do it all? im wondering if i can still set up my little work shop in my home and still enjoy the comforts of my home and not worry about my home turning into a garage type work-shop? i know i would cut the plywood sheets outside or in the garage but all the roofing and trim and details i want to do at my "in my house - in my family room work station", that, i plan to set up. unfortunately my hubby smokes, even after surrviving colon cancer where they cut-ripped him open from the breast to below the belly button and removed every organ he could live without. and, yes he still smokes. but outside or in the garage. i dont have a need for alot of alone time or my personal quiet space, bc, he is a chain smoker and often(daily) sits around the pool for hours listening to his music or in the garage listening to music... cough! cough! cough! i go to some doctors visits he has in case they need to do CAT or PET scans for our more recent adventure through diabetes issues. he smokes in his car and i can smell it in my hair all day, but he does not smoke in my car. so, if i need to go in case he has a reaction to the radio-active stuff i can drive home... cough, cough, cough. one of the characters in my houses will have to be a chain smoker for sure. lawanda, i will have to learn how to make polymer clay cigarettes. lol lol so i said all that to ask if i set up my work station with mini power tools in my family room at one end of the room will that be a ridiculous idea to work with wood and power tools all day long in my house? do i need a garage workshop for mini-power tools? i really hope you say no! i live with hubby and a cat and a dog so i dont have a need to be in a room away from all the hustle and bustle of like some bigger homes or families where you might want your own private studio or work-shop and private time. we live a pretty quiet life for the most part!
  11. sable, wowwewow! all that beautiful detail stone work! i would love to spend some time in your head and learn how to do this kind of expert detail! and mini power tools... yeah! was that pic of the house around the pool a picture of what you were using for your idea? or was that your creation and you made the pool too? please dont laugh if that was a pic you were using for your inspiration. the up close pics of your work is so perfectly detailed. what size scale do you work with? im leaning towards one inch. and..... when you said you just finished a diy wood floor in your sons condo???? did you mean real life condo? and you mentioned bashing dollhouses and how useful power tools are for that. would you say the investment of mini power tools saves you not just time but money on your dollhouses?
  12. lawanda, i just took my second peek at your some of your polymer clay creations, im hungry now, my hubby wants some red velvet cake for sure, i like carrot! lol im guessing all these creations go in your houses? what scale size do you like to work with? im leaning towards one inch scale it seems easier even though, the smaller scales facisnate me to no end! what size dollhouses do you do? what kits have you made? i still have to go to your links and spend some peeping time for sure! thank you bunches! :^)
  13. oh no! holly i was looking back at todays post to see how many links i can use and i saw your post about your mini power tools and the work you created! the tooth picks-wow! how neat! your so creative and i love the mini power tool thingy... im pretty sure I'm gonna have to go that route... of course i just discovered for the first time in my life they exist and I'm enthralled with the idea of making my life long dreams come to life in minature form. thank you hollly and everyone! y'all are such a wonderful group of people! cant belive i found you!
  14. wow, sable i just clicked on your link! i will spend the next few hours drooling over your stuff all the while knowing you used power tools. wow! thankyou for letting me peek in at your creations! cant wait, so im singing this song - this-is-how-we-go-a-peeping, go-a-peeping, go-a-peeping... so late on saturday night!
  15. sable, wow! thank you! now I'm gonna be going crazy looking all your tools up! thank you! thank you! thank you! i like your idea of going to get the knowledge in a woodworking class with the big-boy saws and stuff! i will give it a looksey to see what kind of classes are out there in the big-boy world! love it! yall are such a great group of people! anybody else wanna chime in and share what your using? i have been playing around with the idea of building my own houses for a while too! have you done dollhouse kits and how would you compare your experience with the kits verses building your own? i know we have talked before but do you have any pics of your houses and creations? i have yet to peep into lawanda's link she sent me and kathie's link. i love all the pic's and just cant stop being a nosey neighbor and a peeper... some times my eyes pop open so big, i just can't believe im looking at a dollhouse creation. i do double takes thinking I'm looking at life size pics.
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