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  1. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out the best plan for laying the wiring in the house. It's a bit intimidating but I hope I'll learn as I go.
  2. Thank you! I made them from beads, jewelry findings, and a keychain ring that I shaped into the right size.
  3. Thank you very much! I think I get the idea. The candle sockets would look great in some lights while the wired bulbs would be great for others. Maybe I'll keep some of the bi-pins I ordered and try them out. Thank you very much for your response and help!
  4. I purchased some light bulbs to add to DIY light fixtures. When they came in the mail they were different than I expected. Mainly, the wires were much shorter and were not insulated. Did I order the wrong thing? Can I still use these for my light fixtures? I'm a total newbie to the Dollhouse world and this is my first build and first lighting project. However, I'm experienced in other handicrafts so if you have any advice I'm sure I could manage it. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for your reply. It looks like it was mostly put together with hot glue. However there are areas where it looks like a different, white glue was used. Possibly a wood glue. There are dried drips on a few walls. Any advice for those?
  6. I recently purchased this half constructed Beacon Hill dollhouse. I have the original box, the rest of the pieces, and the instruction manual. The dollhouse is a little bit wobbly and not all of the joints are lined up properly. Also, some of the foundation pieces are falling off, as well as a few interior walls on the main floor. Do you think I should take it apart, scrape off the old glue, and start from scratch? I was thinking that might be best but I'm open to any other advice this forum has for me! This is my first build so I have another question. When preparing the pieces to fit tog
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