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    Thank you! Yes, its a real house. My husband and I wanted desperately to buy it, but we don't live in the state, have jobs there, can't afford a second home, you know, all the trappings of rational thinking lol. Someone just bought it recently, but husband and I are convinced they are not happy at all there. How could they be, when they are living in someone else's dream home? Smacks of fraud and dishonesty, or maybe I am just a petty, small person. That's probably it! Still, love it though. I imagine the carpenter who made the staircase and the rest of the woodwork in the house (gorgeou
  2. oldhousefan


    Newel post - life size and 1/12"
  3. Lol Genevieve! I hear you about the Ebay thing! My husband (yes, he thinks I am "off') calls it "spite bidding" on my part, and I completely understand your righteous indignation. I, too, am appalled that some stranger would have the gall to bid on something that is rightfully mine!!!! It's tantamount to outright thievery! But, for me, its getting worse than Ebay. While the tape wire odyssey is going on, I "collect". My dear husband, with a subtle cough, says I "hoard". I think he may be right, although I would never tell him so (maybe I just did lol). Large Rubbermaid storage boxes ar
  4. Hi Genevieve! I started this thread last year almost to the day and I still have not figured out how to post pictures! I finally have a table for the dollhouse (Christmas present that husband made) and I am presently, slowly, reluctantly tape wiring it. Or, at least my husband and son are, when I can get them too. I hate Hate HATE doing the electrical work, so I've been foisting that job on others, lol. I have not posted any pictures yet, but hope to as soon as my "guys" (reluctant laborers) finish the wiring. I keep changing my mind on outlets, locations, etc. so they are thrill
  5. FOLDING TABLE!!!!!! (slaps head in frustration) Of course, never even thought of that!!! Thank you! That would work perfectly!
  6. Lol no its not done, it came fully assembled with the exterior done, the trim, etc. windows, widow's walk, chimney still have to be attached, I just don't know how long I can go without a dining room table. The interior is untouched but came with stairs, railings, etc. No wiring yet, so the wire tape odyssey will begin soon. I get nervous just thinking about doing the wiring! It's really hard and takes me forever to make decisions, so I'll have to decide where I want fixtures, outlets, etc. No easy task for someone as changeable as I am! I would love some sort of cart or table on wheels
  7. My dream house arrived last week finally! I was just wondering what people use as a table to display their houses? This one is a big girl at 48" wide and 21" deep, so a standard console type table is out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will try to post pictures of it if the site will let me. It's currently taking up half my dining room table right now! It opens in front and back, with rooms accessible only from either side (front and back) so i would need wheels. Oh, and it weighs about 90lbs give or take (at least UPS charged me for 90lbs). Would love to know what everyone else do
  8. I always loved the house George and Mary Bailey lived in in It's a Wonderful Life. It's my favorite movie... Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon... get's me every time!
  9. Does EVERYTHING have to be put behind glass these days? What's wrong with people? I wonder if they take it out and handle it or look at it, without feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame? I hope it gets returned, not just for the artisan's sake, but for everyone's. It leaves such a sad, jaded feeling in its wake, that someone would do that. I haven't been to a miniature show in many years (not because of theft) and now if I think of going its kind of tainted now. I really hope someone does the right thing.
  10. I've seen her Beacon Hill, and it is breathtaking! I never imagined the kitchen could look so beautiful, and authentic! I don't have her talent, much less her vision, to do that much with some of the rooms, they seem too small to accomplish what's in my head, but again, lack of vision, I guess. But her houses are eye candy!
  11. Hello All! Still new here, and its been quite a Columbus Day Weekend for me. I recently purchased a Beacon Hill Kit to assemble when the weather keeps me inside, and have been scouring internet images, this forum, Pinterest and all the other sites for inspiration. Someone on this forum, I believe it was Havanaholly, told me the kit would speak to me, but she didn't warn me that it might have an attitude! For over a week now, it has been whispering that it wants a formal dining room. And a bigger kitchen. A walnut paneled library wouldn't hurt, either. Perhaps a even a ba
  12. Hi all! Been lurking and mostly drooling over the gallery photos for months now, and as soon as the cold weather keeps me indoors, I will start my build. It is my second only build, the other was many moons ago (more than I care to count!) and it was just a traditional colonial. I finally reunited with my erstwhile love of miniatures and will begin the build soon, as my life sized old house (275 yrs old) needs work while the weather is still cooperating! I am very exciting and want to thank all the many artisans on this site who have inspired me!! Gina
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