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  1. Thanks everyone! I think after having slept on it, I'm just going to keep moving forward and deal with any problems once I get to them
  2. Sorry my phone is acting crazy, I should really just try doing this on my computer! my plan, hopefully, is to extend the left walk to make room for a staircase which will be a bit of an "L" shape in that narrow space I created. I'm thinking I can somehow either create a piece to extend the roof the equal amount of space, or I may need to cut a whole new roof piece (hopefully not!). Not sure if I'm explaining my thought process well, but I appreciate the response!
  3. Hello All! I've been lurking the forums and so many wonderful albums and blogs for months now, but thought it was time I actually joined! I began my journey down the rabbit hole of dollhouses and miniatures about 6 months ago and I still have a lot of learning to do.. hopefully some of the awesome people here can help me out! I just started a Buttercup Kit, which I'm attempting to make some alterations to. Hopefully the pictures show up correctly, but basically my thought was to mimic a Glencroft style stair/fire place along the left wall. I'm also thinking about adding a Primrose addition to the right (I have too many big ideas, I need more space!). So far I've just used mat board to give me an idea of how everything will look. Also, I think I'm going to recess the front door area to make room for a little porch. Just wondering what everyone thinks, am I overdoing it? Also, if I move forward with this plan, does anyone have any tips on joining the new pieces (eventually made of plywood, I'm guessing?) to the original structure? Sorry for such a long introduction and so many questions! https://ibb.co/dJoCG5 https://ibb.co/e0K8pQ
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