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  1. I love your beautiful house. I got one of these kits to buy on Ebay and it was listed as rare. It has been a while since I did any building, I think I want to renew my passion for DH building by tackling this kit. Can you say what size windows you used? There are so many different sizes around in the half scale category.
  2. Hi Abbie. The house will need the same 1:12 or one inch scale furniture. Try Ebay. Lots of things available on auction or for direct purchase, there is a whole dollhouse category.
  3. I wish there could be a half scale of the Willowcrest, I love that kit but due to space issues, I have foregone purchasing one.
  4. JAX


    I never tire of seeing a Fairfield being built. It is absolutely my favourite half scale Greenleaf
  5. JAX

    Visalian dollhouse

    I love this house and I am always searching for a KIT to buy.
  6. I was off air for a while, so I am only now seeing this post. I have done the Le Petite Palace. It is cute and simple to construct. I put in lights and flooring and my own printed wall paper.
  7. I love them all, good thing I am far away and can't go to the show or I might want to buy them up as well. I have a half scale Thornhill and I was lucky to nab it for $240 the basic house kit that is. I am saving up to buy the finishing components such as majestic mansion craftsman windows and doors and sue Cooke mouldings and fireplaces etc. etc. etc
  8. Thanks Kelly, that is useful info. I am afraid I am one of those frustrated Architects always trying to change and enhance on a small scale. So every time I look at a kit my first thought is how I would do what to make it more functional or bigger (always want more space). I think that the attic could accommodate another full room and an open area and so increase the square footage.I think I should stop looking at that kit and buy it now.
  9. Thank you all for your kind comments. Tracy I peeked into your blog and see that you have done a Lily kit. Now that I am ending my Fairfield I am considering the Lily as my next project. LOOKING at a kit on Ebay and the attic ceiling seems quite low, do you find? Do you know if any one has modiefied the height of the roof That is where my thoughts are heading. Jax
  10. Thank you guys. Green is my favourite colour, but generally for dollshouse I buy the little sample containers in the Hardware store. There are a lot of choices and because each container is only 4.75 ounces it does not go to waste. These 3 greens are Russian Sage, Woodsy Scent and Belle Grande. The differences are subtle but when you step back and look at the entire structure the subtlites become more pronounced.
  11. Hi Lawanda, There is a size box called a wardrobe box that is sold by UPS have you tried that size? It is relatively cheap about $11. I have shipped stuff in them from the USA to Jamaica with great results.
  12. Hi Debbie, I am glad not to be the new kid on the block anymore and happy to be able to add my welcome as well. I love the colours on your house so earthy.
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