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  1. Probably what I'll go with, yeah. Thank you!
  2. Thanks! I should probably get that anyway, it'll be useful for several things. Will that tape take acrylic well?
  3. I'm kind of playing and experimenting with building furniture, and to save money I'm using cardboard (from shipping boxes etc.) rather than wood. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with the visible corrugated edges? I thought maybe the best thing would be to run wall fill/spackle across the edges and then paint over it, but if there are other ways that are more effective I'd like to hear. Trying to fill it with paint seems to take too long/too much paint. Conversely, is building furniture out of regular cardboard boxes common? So many videos and things I see just use wood. I'm ho
  4. Oh, thank you! I was thinking of doing wainscotting panels with mat board, and I have a mat cutter I picked up at a garage sale and never really used. I didn't know it could cut at an angle! Or I hope this one can, I'll have to look and see. Good inspiration!
  5. Don't know if it's still needed, but if you have photoshop it would probably be best to look at/watch a few tutorials on "Creating seamless patterns in Photoshop". There's a specific way to create repeating patterns. If you have illustrator and are drawing your own design (or have a vector image) it's even easier. But Illustrator wouldn't be good for most images, probably.
  6. I don't have TV, didn't know they were making it into a series! I read most of the book, but never finished it. Got distracted, plus it was at one of those points in the book where everything starts to go wrong. Guess I should finish it, if I want to watch this. Funny, I was thinking of that book lately since I'm trying to build up my house. And how the miniaturist in that story had nothing on some of the people I see online.
  7. Thanks! Nope, no wheel, which is part of what made the whole process to difficult to figure out. Yeah, I might make a smaller ruler, maybe I'll have the dime in the main picture and ruler in the others.
  8. I've just come back from a few months hiatus, while I've worked on improving my techniques for making mini pottery. Put a few of them on Etsy, though I've got more I'll be adding by and by. Perusing the forums, I see that I should be using some other measure of scale than a dime, so with upcoming photos I'll change that scale prop. MesoWorks at Etsy. I'm also on Instagram, same name MesoWorks, but won't link in case it's not allowed. I have more stuff on there, just for show not necessarily sale.
  9. I've been doing miniature pottery (both making the pots and painting them) from polymer clay. So far, as far as ancient civilizations go, I've mostly done Precolumbian, Greek and Chinese/Korean. Do you have any other ideas you think would be particularly cool to see in miniature? It looks like you have some Egyptian mini stuff, don't know much about their pottery styles. Your frescoes look AWESOME, and I love the little papyrus! I want to make some now and keep them in a little bowl on my desk or something. Maybe I can even make them with real paper and write something in them...
  10. There are a few pottery classes offered around, but they're for 'classes', where you come in for 2 hours and make mugs or whatever. I need free studio time, preferably on the weekend. Also they're crazy expensive! My city's community college offers weekday evening classes, so I'll probably take those eventually, though it's further than I'd like for an evening classs. Well, needs must.
  11. I'm using molds too, though perhaps in an unconventional way. I could make a pottery form by handbuilding alone, maybe, but with polymer clay there's not an easy way to keep it smooth and from distorting as I work it (not if I want to keep it hollow). Well, I've been coming up with new techniques for months now. It's funny because it would all be so much easier with clay that would harden as I worked, and I could sand, but I'm putting in way extra work by using polymer clay. But I kind of consider it a personal challenge by this point.
  12. Oh, those are lovely! About what size do your little pieces measure? I love the atmosphere you created. And the kiln!
  13. Oh, I'd love to work with real clay! If I had a studio to use near me that wasn't just 'project classes'... Someday. Let me know how that goes, and take pictures! I've seen them made with the wheel, but not handbuilding, especially that small!
  14. Thank you! Yup, baked polymer clay and sealed with varnish (so far I've used glossy varnish, but I'll probably be using Liquitex Matte medium/varnish for some that might not look as good glossy).
  15. Oh, I did let my website plan lapse, yes. I have a bunch of pieces up on Instagram (cheaper than web hosting, for sure), and I'll look into creating an album! Thanks! The original topic still stands, if you have any particular styles you think would be of interest to the dollhouse community.
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