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  1. Thank you so much Carrie! We also have the same sconces with the seashell!
  2. This may have been answered before but I have some questions about adding electric light fixture...I have electrified my house with tapewire, first time electric user. I have successfully tested the circuits from top to bottom and all is good. My next step is to add my fixtures and posterboard walls. How do you add your fixtures? Do you plug directly into the tapewire or use an outlet? I am using scones, ceiling lights and lamps along with posterboad walls - to easier make adjustments/design changes if needed later. May need sconce adapters... The Cir-Kit tapewire instruction book says to use the brads (pg.20) as placeholders for the outlet, then push the wallpaper over the brads. I am thinking that I will mark the placement of the tapewire on the opposite side of the posterboard wall so I know where to puncture for the outlet/or plug insertion point. Does anyone have an easier method?
  3. JSundbakken

    Half scale splurges

    Thank you for the sale tip...I got some good deals as well! Beautiful mini furniture!
  4. JSundbakken

    Dora Kuhn

    I love collecting Dora Kuhn! I have a tiny room box, a house filled with furniture and more waiting to fill future houses.
  5. JSundbakken

    Arrow 10 Room Dream House

    This is the first house that I worked on that began my dollhouse intrigue. It was a rehab job and still needs a few items completed, but my little girl wants to still play with it "like a kid", so the delicate stuff will have to wait until she's older. We like to throw dolls in and out of the windows.
  6. I've heard of using magnets under the wallpaper and affixed to the picture you want to hang. But I use white poster tack.
  7. Sable, that would awesome , but the way the model is built, the triangle for the gable in the third floor is connected to the lower walls in the first and second floor in one piece. Humph!
  8. Thanks everyone for your help! Mine does look almost exactly like otterine's house with the walls and flloors not quite matching up. I am making stencils of the walls for wallpaper and floors since I will be electrifying for the first time! Cross fingers. So....I can use the stencils to help, but it will be a lot of cut and paste. Looking on the bright side, maybe I can use some the gaps to run wire through? I have eliminated the staircases and holes in the floor for them so I have more decorating space.
  9. Dura Craft Linfield LN-190, It was made in the 90s. Not sure, but I think it's plywood, it splinters and needs a lot of sanding for smoothness.
  10. Thanks! I have watched the video, but the guy says “the roof should center itself” but I guess he’s an expert. ;)
  11. Thanks for the advice! Some other parts of the roof aren’t fitting around the gables and one wall side back right and the floors....so I must be glazing/looking over some issue. I’ll keep studying. I did have a piece of the right back wall come out of the box split off and missing so I had to repair that vertically for the walls and post construction. But it fit for that part of the build. The 3rd floor didn’t fit best-the left wall has a small gap. Maybe that caused another problem? Don’t worry, I’ll get it!
  12. I am constructing the Duracraft linfield and I’m dry fitting the roof, but it’s just not fitting right. Do they ever? Should I sand and try to figure it out or glue and fill in with wood putty? I have done everything correct with the instructions, so I don’t know what’s best to do. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi amylynn! Welcome! I can identify your random house. It is a part of an Arrow kit that can be four rooms (yours) or added onto to be a larger house with 10 rooms. It’s called the Arrow 10 room Dream House. I have rehabbed it too! Good luck building the new house for your daughter. I found it was easier building than rehabbing.
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