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  1. I will need your address and name to send it to. I know you will love this stuff. It will come from the law office where I work and I will try to make all fit in one box. House and all.
  2. O yea have a 1/4 Victorian Laser Company house that goes with all the stuff. . Never put together. Box has been opened but all stuff is there and its a nice little house.
  3. Not really. There are ALOT. Boxes of them literally. Some are Casey miniatures, some are Harts Desire, some are from people that do not do miniatures any more. There is a box of small Hanley House already painted one all in packages. It would be to much to try to photograph all of this stuff. But I can tell you the stuff is good stuff . . no junk . . not junk.
  4. I have a lot of 1/4 furniture kits and some already done. Mostly all in original packing. I want to stick with 1/2 as I just finished a 1/2 Buttercup and want to get rid of the 1/4. Am willing to pay shipping so as not to make it hard for someone to get the stuff. Just need to eliminate it so I have room for 1/2 stuff. Any interest?
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