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  1. Normiu

    Stone Closeup WEB

    Love the colors used in the stone! May I ask which colors you used?
  2. Normiu


    This is so inspiring! Love the stone work. May I ask, what color combination you use to get those pretty stone colors?
  3. What colors did you use for the exterior? Love it!
  4. Hello all, I am looking for the Realife Queen Anne bedroom and dining kits instructions please.
  5. Love the moldings! You are inspiring me to build a Victorian one.
  6. You are making a superb job with this house. May I ask, did you build the ceiling as well, and how you did it?
  7. You might, I posted one more than a month ago.
  8. You guys are great! I'll work on my new treasure as soon as possible. Will try all the techniques given. I think stucco would be my choice now. Thank you!
  9. Hello all, yesterday I got the fortune of getting for free a Duracraft Seeetheart DH to rehab. I would like to transform it into a shabby chic or Tudor house, but it has been painted in navy blue and white. if I decide for the Tudor, I guess the color won't matter as I would like to stucco it, but if decide for the Sabby I would have to use siding, or paint on top. What would be everyone's suggestions? Would a stucco shabby chic look good too I wonder? Another question I have is, I would like to change the windows and door, how you take apart pieces already glue? Th
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