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  1. Hi All! I hope everyone is well and enjoying your latest projects! I'm sure some of you can point me in the right direction. I'm ready to start my new Adams kit. It suggests in the instructions to seal the pieces first. I did not seal the pieces of my last build - The Orchid because I made that into a haunted house. My questions is will the glue bond after sealing? I use Weldbond, it is my favorite go to glue. I appreciate any help you can give me, thank you! Missy
  2. After looking at that kit, I may use the Sugarplum instead! Thank you!
  3. I love the idea of a glass porch, thank you!
  4. I think I'd like to add a room beside, but that is a good idea! Thank you!
  5. Hi Everyone! As life usually does, I've been distracted and haven't built in a while. I'm starting my Adams kit this week. Does anyone have any advice on how to add some extra space to the house? I though about purchasing another Adams kit but then the house would be much bigger than I wanted. As always I appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!! Missy
  6. Thank you Rebecca! I'll create an album once I start
  7. I am SO excited Holly! If you know where I can get Christmas string lights, let me know!
  8. That Sounds awesome Carmen! I can't wait to see it progress
  9. Hi Everyone! It's been since October that I've posted! The Orchid Halloween house I made for my brother was such a success - I'm going to make a Christmas Shoppe for my Mother. I've decided to use the Adams as it is slightly smaller and the front porch is too adorable! Is anyone working on an Adams? I look forward to sharing the progress! Have a great day all! Missy
  10. Missy A


    WOW!!! This is awesome! i love the color scheme and the copper roof!
  11. Thanks Eli! Yes it is the Orchid I can't wait to get started on my next build!
  12. Hi Marilyn! I got the kit on Amazon, it is made by Chrysnbon. It was very easy to put together and for plastic it was more realistic than I was expecting
  13. Hi Everyone! I gave my brother the haunted cottage as a surprise last week and he loved it! I made a lot of the interior items myself and used kits for the fridge and stove. This was SO much fun to do, I'm considering doing a larger one next. Again, I want to thank everyone who helped guide me thru with their tips and suggestions. This is a wonderfully supportive forum! I'll post Missy
  14. Thank you so much! I almost went all dark on the exterior then decided to change it up!
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