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  1. That is me exactly Elsbeth! I am used to moving quickly and efficiently with my line of work with end goal being achieved and progress evident all along the way. This is teaching me to slow down and focus on the process.
  2. Thank you all! I think I'm on information overload because the options are endless and I have limited knowledge of the options lol. I will definitely get some pictures hopefully later today of the furniture. And as Shannon & Seamus mentioned above if I do use these pieces that I'm not loving it WILL bug me forever, I was trying to use things that the previous owner before me had used because she had put so much time and love in it, but I now realize it's not working for me like I wanted it to. By the way y'all are also right with me being afraid of messing up, but great advise and reminding me short of burning it I can fix it . Thank you all for taking time for my wee hour rant, I am enjoying working on it, it blows my mind how I can sit in front of it for what seems like a short period of time but in reality I've been sitting there for hours!
  3. Okay, so I am brand new to this, got my first house that I am rehabbing and making into a Christmas Santa house. I am to the process of painting, wallpapering etc. Long story short I am struggling with indecisiveness, I think I get colors and walls figured out then it seems not to flow, I am trying to use as much furniture that came with it but I'm struggling with that too. The kitchen cabinets are what appears to be from a simple little kit (old) and I just do not like them...do I buy new cabinets?? Attempt to make new ones?? Try to modify what I have..again ?? This site is invaluable and the amount of talent you all have is just jaw dropping. I am in awe at all the amazing work on these beautiful houses. I have so much to learn, I feel overwhelmed tonight and I so want my house to be as beautiful as it possibly can be, I'm so scared I'm going to screw it up or not give it the justice it deserves...Did you all feel this way too when you first got started?
  4. Hello to all and thank y'all for making me feel so welcomed! I was afraid this is something that will never get "done" lol! I had no time to work on it today and I swear it's beckoning me to the dining room...
  5. Thank you all so much! It's amazes me y'all knew the answer so quickly! I had googled to try to see but came up with nothing! I'm really excited about it, knew absolutely nothing about it when I bought it, but we are learning! Thank you all for your help, there is no doubt I will be asking many questions as we go. Where do you all get your dolls? I need a cute Santa & Mrs. Claus
  6. Thank you! You're not kidding, we have been sucked in, lol! It is impossible to walk past it and not do something to it . A second house is definitely coming but I told my daughter we had to get this one done first or at least well on its way, do you ever really get done? I can see me adding treasures and finds for years lol!
  7. Thank you for the wonderful tips! Neckties is a great idea! Charleston is our weekend runaway! We are there often. If I ever moved to Charleston it would be hard to make me leave, it's so beautiful!
  8. Thank you so much! I miss working with fresh and I miss the daily interactions with clients, but I do not miss weddings lol!
  9. Hi, I am completely new to dollhouses but very excited! Does anyone know who made this house? Thanks!!
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Cindy and I live in the low country of SC. I was a designer in the floral industry for years, I now design interior and exterior commercial/residential Christmas decor. I am brand new to the dollhouse world and miniatures. I was scouring through Craigslist and I saw a dollhouse, with my mind ALWAYS thinking Christmas I couldn't get this house out of my thoughts as Santa's house. When I went to see it I was done, a 80 year old lady owned it and has worked on it for 27 years (that's love and devotion!)! I bought it and brought it home with a variety of furniture pieces with it. Both of my teenagers and my husband looked at me like I was crazy when I had them to set it on my dining room table. I have no idea who the manufacturer is, some of the furniture is cute, some not so much, but I intend to use as much as possible because the lady that had it had put so much time and love into it. My daughter who teased me when I brought it home, I works on it as much as I do, what started as a project for me is now becoming a project that we are doing together and neither of us can walk by it without sitting down and working on it. I am going to post a picture in another thread to see if anyone knows who it is by. I look forward to reading tips and ideas from you all as we are learning and gathering as much information as we can, because...well we've decided Santa's house can't be alone, we are looking the perfect house 2 for the elves workshop
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