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  1. Hi evreyone, I just came by to find an old adress from my PM pages,I so I thought I would say helluo to everyone, I have not been so good. but I am still kicking albeit not very hgh and awfully slow I hope you are all mananaging to avoid Covid..be well.I din't find what I was looking for and it is 1pm so I will have to come back nother day XX Jeannine
  2. Rebecca freezer paper and grease proof is not the same, I use freezer paper in my quilting, it irons on to a fabric so it makes goos templates but gresaeproof does not work. Try a quilting shop or an Amazon. If you get rrally stuck I can mail you some XX Jeannine just checked Auatralia/New Zealand amazon has it . It is Reynolds Freezer paper ,the kind i use it is lightly plastic coated but just barely, thid is what you need
  3. Well I finished the calf length b]ack pure wool cardigan;/coat I was knitting tonight so that is part 1 of my makeover.. I have got all my ceramic doll molds out of my linen closet and now have them packed in 10 plastic boxes that are on a shelf in my workroom, Next job is box all the many Petite Properties kits in identical boxes and get them on th putting them asidi to donate them to somethimg. All my cardmakind stuff has gone, all my cake making stuff has gone and all my pergamano has gone so thet leaves a good few boxes empty and gives me more space to get things organised. so I am making a difference, but I am soo so tired.
  4. You are right Rebecca, Birmans are a super breed. We had Chinchillas for many years but I have been catless for a lomg time now.. I miss them too. What am I doing today or this week..well not much and it is starting to get me down I need to get my head cleared, so much has happened over the last year that I seem to have lost some get up and go.I am knitting when sat down not very exciting bit at least occupied. I am still trying to get my work room the way I want it but I don't seem to very motivated. I won't work on any minis in a disorganised room so I need to pull myself together and get going. Oh dear what a moaning post and I have no reason to moan.Why do I complain when my problem is I have too much of a lot of things..that is terrible. Nuff about moaning. I am going to give myself 1 week to finish the long black jacket I am making then on with the workroom... there I have given myself a hand slap and a week to get a grip.
  5. Thank you all for your kindness. XX Jeannine
  6. very mild in my part of Canada, there has not been one snowflake here this season ..yet!! I still have a few tomatoes in my greenhouse along with the usual winter stuff I grow in there
  7. Just dropping by.. I finally have managed to get over my trip, it took more out of me than I thought it would. my docter was right about that..Canada to Holland, then over to the UK, back to Holland then back to Canada in 4 weeks is a lot of travelling. I got to have a few days rest at my nieces in England but most of the Holland time was very stressful. . . I spent a lot of time at my DIL's palliative care home It was a beautiful place, very caring. She seemed quite settled when I left on Christmas eve morning, the paralysis was as far as her middle torso so she was still able to be raised slightly and was able to work on her crochet. It was tough to leave. The paralysis started to climb higher about a week ago and she died the day before yesterday.I am so glad I went over there, we had a few fun days and some quality time. Nuff for now XX Jeannine
  8. Just a quick note, I arrived home safely except for another chest infection but at least it was only starting when I left so the worst part is here. It was quite the trip. XX Jeannine
  9. Thanks Holly, I do have a pillow but I can never sleep on a plane,I find something on the Tv and stick to that.I guess I coud pop a pill LOL I was a bit sad in England as I was just half an hours drive from Petite Properties. Thay have a new series. One is shown on the webpage and the others were to be released in October. I phoned when I arrived nearby with my fingers crossed that the series was ready ,alas no . Tony said he was running behind. The series is super. It looks as if it is going to be, witchy /creepy. He gave me a bit more info but I will have to be patient. I will be very glad to be home. My DIL is no worse than when I arrived which of course is good. She is comfortable, still crocheting and eating fairly well.The original plan was to stay on if needed but I think I am OK going home and perhaps returning at anpther time. I am so out of touch with everything here on the forum as I never seem to get the time to cruise. XX Jeannine
  10. I have just completed the 4th leg of my trip, I am back in Holland and getting ready to fly home to Canada on Christmas Eve, I am still in one piece but a bit raggy at the edges
  11. Leaving in an hour to catch the overnight ferry from Holland to the UK, part 2 of my journey.
  12. H Hollie, that will have to be another trip, that is unless I can get one in while in the UK next week however the cash I have spent coming here, buying my son a car, ferry costs not to mention the ton of gifts and clothes I have taken for a family of 6 taken a huge junk from my savings so i have to think about that a bit when I get back..
  13. Little update. I am booked to leave for the UK on the 12th, back on the 17th, then back to Canada on the 24th.. I am holding up better than I thought but I am not seeing any sights either, here in Holland everything of course is revolving around my DIL. It is her birthday today so almost everyone is meeting by her bed for cake etc. I will do a little travelling with my niece in England, especially as Petite Properties is half and hour drive from her house, oh my!! I do have a list of stuff that friends want back home so have to break out and go shopping soon. XX Jeannine
  14. As you all know I am over in Holland right now. My granddaughters stepbrother came over to visit a couple of days ago and during the conversation he said he has a 3 D printer. He then picked up various things in his Mums house that he had made. This is the first time I have seen anything made this way and I found it mind boggling. . He is a very quiet young man who very gently explained with pictures how it works., Up to that moment I had absolutely no idea. Double mind boggling . This is another time I wish John was still here, he would have lived it.
  15. I carry a big chunk of amber that was given to my Mother on her wedding day. Today and for the rest of this month I am wearing turquoise, a ring and earrings, because it is December, then I will switch to garnet for January. I think I am missing an amethyst ring and also a ruby one but apart from that I have a set for each month..kind of crazy really but it marks the passing of the year in a good way. I am hoping to find a nice amethyst ring and a ruby one while I am over in the Uk for a few days.
  16. Karen I just did the 9 1/2 trip from Vancouver to Holland. I am not afraid of flying as such but I do get very anxious on how I am going to cope sitting in a small space for all those hours alone so I do get a bit worked up about it. This time I thought of everything I could that might trigger irritation etc., did a bit of googling and found a couple of restrictions had been lifted which passed the hours quickly.I took knitting and cross stitch ,with small scissors, as well as a book and my laptop. The last time flew, nine years ago I could not take knitting needles or any size scissors on board so it seemed to last forever. I found some stunning documentaries to watch which I got quite engrossed in. I also took food as I rarely can eat airline food. Also I upgraded to a wider seat with more legroom so I wasn't cramped when I boarded I had a double seat to myself . All in all the flight passed much quicker than usual as I had lots to keep my mind off the seat etc. It s only a wee bit of advice but it worked very well for me this time The time simply flew buy. Good Luck, and have fun Sable I am so very sorry to hear about your sister, I have no words but I am truly sorry for the pain it gave you and your family. XX Jeannine
  17. Miranda me too ,I am sorry to hear about Bacon, but I love that he is running free. I am in Holland, I flew in the day before yesterday, very long . very tiring and very painful, but that is all of the negatives gone. The positives are... My SIL took me to the airport in a chair and handed me over.The assist staff both ways were exceptional, I only walked the few feet to my seat I used the seat backs for support, On arrival my assist took me through luggage collection, customs and to my son at the barrier without my feet touching the floor. My son had brought a wheel chair with him too, so I was fine all the way. A rather nice thing happened just before the folks were leaving the plane. A flight attendant up the aisle and confirmed I was Jeannine C. she had a little Delft house and gave it to me. . I was so surprised and thanked her. I told her I did houses and miniatures said she would let "them" know it was going to the right person. I guess they pick a seat at random and it happened to be me. I believe Delft and KLM are connected is some way as the flight attendant instructions were filmed in the Delft factory. I went straightaway to the palliative care unit my DIL is in, we had both said on the phone we were not going to tear up, but of course we both did. Her paralysis is still at her sternum level so she can move from there up, she is eating and drinking well and is still crocheting, we don't have any clear prognosis but everyone expects it will not to be long. She has refused all cancer treatments now, just comfy care. She is being ambulanced to a bridal shop in the next town on the 11th. Her daughter is marrying in June so the Last Wish group have organized this. Future MIL and bridesmaids will be there and me too.. I think it is going to be very emotional but I also thing it will be wonderful for them I went shopping in a grocery store last night, quite an eye opener. Very little choice of many things but I managed to find lots. One really frustrating thing. I didn't change any money before I left so only had Canadian, I expected to go to a bank today but have since found out they don't do it at the banks unless you have an account. My son for some reason only has online banking. My DIL oldest son does so I am hoping he can do it for me. I have been in two shops that don't take credit cards too.. a bit odd but it is was it is. Fortunately I am carrying plastic so I can use the ATM. I am not sure yet when I will tackle the ferry trip to England with my 10 year old granddaughter, probably after the 11th . We will stay a few days with family she has not met, and are all hoping that it is a nice break for her XX Jeannine
  18. Oh and just for the record we are not hoarders either so don't worry you will not find a camera crew and a gang of workers in gas masks at you door. you can find room for many more yet. A really neat trick is to stack them on top of one another till they are about desk height , then you put a circle of wood on the top of the last one and throw a pretty round tablecloth over the lot, add a lamp or a plant, maybe a candy dish and it can sit in your room and be admired. I figure you could maybe get 10 stashed like that. Or buy a lovely pine trunk a decent size one it could hold a fair few of the smaller ones.and it makes a good coffee table too. Of course when you truly do run out of space you could down size and go for 1/48th houses from Petite Properties. You can get three of four of them in boxes not much bigger than a shoe box. Trust me I have almost all of them. I am saving them for when I get really old , I figure I could manage them in the care home I am certain I will shoved into, but I have to buy them now as they may not give me the internet.. well it's sounds like good sense to me/
  19. You have done a remarkable job well done. I have the same house stripped and waiting to be redone myself, the poor thing is sitting in my bedroom but it is not a priority for me. I find if I get so I can throw the towel in with any of my crafts, I simply put them on a to do lest, apologize to the project and promise I will be back. Believe me after the required time has passed and that varies with me ,but is usually months rather than days. I go back with renewed interest and work some more. My house was a rescue and so far all I have done is removed all the broken parts and made a list of to do', I certainly wouldn't throw the towel in, I would probably drape it over the house. Good luck to you and your super house.
  20. Thanks Karen, My Dr phoned this afternoon and said he has sent a fax to my pharmacy with three months of all the meds I take, so with what I have already I will have lots. He said if I have to stay longer it is one less thing to worry about. My daughter drove me a store about 20 miles from home the day before yesterday and I did some shopping leaning on the buggy but I practically crawled into the house on my return then yesterday and today I was pretty rough. Also I know I shouldn't be going as so does Jonathon my doctor but he knows me well. I am not going to drop dead but my pain level will go sky high, he has thought of that and is putting one more tablet on my prescription fax and that is the morphine tablets I came off last year , he said use them if I have to and he feels better if I have them just in case. The back brace things are not much good, they are heavy duty elastic and Velcro. I feel sure they would give my back a lot of support but I can't get it on by myself. Just a few days to go. I will take my laptop with me so when I have the time I will check in. If I manage to get on the overnight ferry to the Uk I will see my sister for a couple of days and also my niece who will pick me up from my sisters house,, My niece lives 25 minutes drive from Petite Properties!! Karen I still have a big box here for you but I can't send it from Canada and I haven't been up to going to the US all this year, but I haven't forgotten, I will get it to you XX Jeannine.
  22. I was interested , but then discovered I had o sign up first. but I am not comfortable signing up for something before I can see anything, that made it a no no for me sadly
  23. thank you, I have mentioned the trip on two topics so I am sorry to seem tardy, I just saw this.
  24. Maybe this will be the long promised memory house, albeit a bit small. I grew up in a vicarage which served the Queens St church. We then moved to a street called Salisbury . If I go closer to home I would like to call the memory house something to do with Robins..long story but very very close to my family and history.. Looking at the design of the house I can't call it Cottage or Hall.. maybe just house . Robin's House sounds as though it belongs to someone called Robin which would be wrong.. The Robins suggests a family name too, I may call it simply Robins and the street will ne Memory Lane
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