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  1. Thank you I saw him Two days ao, he was wonderful, everything I could have hoped for and then some, furst surgery is in November
  2. My daughter has to and if she takes the ativan she is OK for a tooth out.When she had rooted new teeth put round both sides up and down in sh had to be knocked right outThe Ativan takes the axiety away
  3. Not doing much building right now..pain a bit of over the top but have been dismantling wedding dresses to make Angel gowns. I am all set to go as son as I get this flareup under a bit of control and can use my machines.. You may remember I was going to get catarcts done in July but the surgeon on the day, while I was all prepped and laid ready, had a hissy fit and walked out of the OR. Needless to say i didn;t get my surgery done. It has taken me several weeks to ask my eye DR for a different refferal and have an appontment with ahother one in a few days..hopefully he will agree to do it and again hopefully I will get a fairly early date. I will keep you all informeed. Hoping everyins safe and well and cotinues to stay that way.
  4. My husband was also in the airforce..the RAF in the UK
  5. Bumping this one. Johnny Mathis The Twelfth of Never, my husband played it to me in 58, then asked me to marry him I was 16 .It was also playing as he peacefully slipped away in 2018
  6. I just splashed out and bought a Babylock serger. I had a serger one before but never got used to it so I am hoping this new one will be easier. Does anyone use one and if so can you suggest a good quality Serger thread
  7. Oh Good I shall look forward to you getting ready to pick it up again.
  8. It was really good getting out of bed today for sure
  9. 5 weeks ago I decided I had to redo my workroom as I had a job finding things. It involved the whole house of course as stuff has a tendecy to spread. Not being able to stand for long made it hard. I did 10 minutes on my feet and 20 sat down. I have been through every cupboard, drawer, box ,bag, closet ,pantry, every single place in my house and I did it.Everywhere, everything in in place including the over 100 boxes of craft stuff which are now in my workroom. It has made me feel wonderful and I need that as I had been through a couple of bad things recently. I discarded stuff along the way. I cannot believe that I did it. Now I need to get a Dorothy Domestic type cleaning crew in to spring clean everything and I think my life will be easier from now on. It is amazing just how much better I feel. It started as a workroom sort out and spread through the whole house.
  10. Hi, I had it shipped over from the UK.Bought at The Dolls house Emporiuum, it is the Grosvenor Hall
  11. Try Doll Emporium in rge UK, they may have them..or Streets Ahead
  12. How is your house Muriel. I was thinking of you a few days ago when sorting out my silks, did you finally manage to get your curtains sorted. My Fairfield is on hold too as I am completely gutting and sorting my craft room, which of course involves the whole house as I have stuff stashed all over.. crazy. I spent a quiet afternoon yesterday sorting my dressmaking pins and sewing needles..ditto t al my knitting needles etc. I envy you Christmas house. I stll have a bultt but bare house here that I may do as one so I am watching yor post very carefully. I forget it;s name but it is a small MDF one. Looking forward to your update,
  13. I am a bit like that..I am waiting for the UK to be safe.either I may go there with a trip over to Holland thrown in or my UK niece may come here. Either way it is rather up to the UK for me. As far as I know the Canada /US border is still closed so that stops me going that way too. I still have this gnawing feeling that it will never be over. It will be out there somewhere, just biding it's time while mutating thren it will pop back up somewhere and we could go all oiver again if the vaccines don't cover us.. OOh sorry to sound so pessimistic, I just can;t get the idea out of my head. I think f I was younger I could but months get very precious after one gets older..ooh stop it Jeannine and give yourslekf a virtual spanking..
  14. Yep and I always think of you as big Mama..always supportive, so much knowlwedge and the stories of your doings..you surely ain't going quietly into the night.You are a star
  15. Glad to know I am not alone in this neatness thing. I am about 85% finished..yeahh!! It involved the whole house, so every cupboard,closet, desk, pantry, drawer, box and tin has been opened, organised. labelled where needed etc.Tons of stuff packed for the charity shop. I just have 4 small boxes of sorted stuff to put away into their new homes. My wall to wall bookcases 6 in all have neat labelled boxes on them,I bought a box of 50 cardboard ones from Ikea then I have 20 plastic ones ,and on the floor I have a stack of large plastic totes with my fabrics etc in 4 side by side and 4 high plus 2. So everything is falling into place. Gee it has taken 3 weeks and I am done in but so close to finishing. Maybe now I can get down to really getting something done. Funny thing happened. I have passed on many of my assorted crafts but still have a fair few. I noticed when going through all my quilting fabrics, my fingers were itching to start piecing, with my cross stitch stuff the yearning to start stiching was strong, ditto with my stash of Petit Properties,my china painting etc etc. With every different thing my heart was telling me to start something, I was so pleased my head won and I kept going with the sorting, another week and I will be finished and can do anyone of them.. I wonder what folks do that are not interested in any hobbies.I have a friend who doesn't and she doesn't garden or cook either.Her house looks like a showroom, ditto her car and her too.. still I guess it works for her.
  16. The problem is I have an extremely neat mind and I need my surroundings to match but I have spent so much time letting go of many of my crafts I have made a huge mess everywhere and I have to get it sorted. It doesn;t help that I fell from the third step outside a couple of days ago and landed on my tail bone so I have a whole new set of owies to deal with..but I was lucky. I distinctly remember as I was flying through the air,, here goes a hip. but I was wrong, just a heap of bruises and pulled muscles. I have craft stuff in every closet and every room and my plan is to get it all under control in 1 dedicated room now. I have been collecting Petite Properties 1.48 scale houses for some time, the idea was that I could do them on my lap when I am no longer able to use a work table but the silly thing is I have almost all of what they make,Even if I ever made them all I would have no place to put them, Still it is good to look at them, handle them, then pack them away again. I think it is called hoarding but it my case it has to be very neat hoarding..
  17. Trying valiantly to reorganise my workroom but it is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.I have stuff stored all over and have to move this to get that in it's place.It will come right eventually , I have a great picture in my head but I am making more mess to get it done...anyway once commited I dare not stop otherwise I am done for. I am checking every box inside too just to be sure. There are times I think stamp collecting would have been easier.
  18. Welcome to you.. I am a Yorkie transplant but still very English. I just measured a house I had sent over from the UK and it has 11 inches from floor to ceiling.
  19. Sorry I just saw this, I meant just a light spray of clear finish, either gloss or matt, it just gives a nice finish as some paint can look quite dull when used as an antiquing medium as you use so little.
  20. Weeping at home a lot, after all the problems re my cataract surgery due for last Thursday, the day came, I went, was all prepped and ready and in the OR, Surgeon came in and changed his mine\d he refused to do it. I was gutted.Still very confused and weepy. IT seems to me that the last 2 years have been one long medical let down for me...I have frankly had enough..
  21. Well I have had to take a bteak from my dollhousing as I am waiting for plugs and floorboards to come in th mail so I have hit a halt..meanwhile I have picked up some knitting yarn and am knitting an exact replica of the Ted Bakker first Dr Who scarf.Sticking to the colors and stripe arrangement as per the BBC's instructions I think it is pretty accurate.I am not sure what I will do with it but it is mindless easy knitting so keeping me stress free but busy.
  22. Re the frame, I would antique it by using a dilute dark stain, wipe it on and immediatelty wipe it off. Leaving just traces , wipe all the same way. it should work well. When completely dry then spray it to set it. Personally I would also give it a go on the globe but use something much much lighter, coffee perhaps and I would use a damp sea spoge to apply it..Good luck
  23. Well , they decidedon Friday to tell me they have said they will go ahead with the cataract surgery, just 1 month later so I am on for July 15th..I find the lenses confusing but I guess it will all come out right.
  24. I have the shell of mine completely built but am not happy with the entrance. I don't like the fact that you have to remove the front piece before you can open the lower doors to the basement so I am thinking of changing it by doing away with the entrance stairs.and making the basement the main entrance at ground level.I ,would then add another patio to the main part higher up so the doll folks could walk out.I have been looking at it all day. I know what I want to do but would have to unglue some parts..ggrhh, so not sure if I will or not. I didn't do a dry fit, I should have as I would have found the problem earlier but it would not be very easy to fix now I think. If you are not gpoing to do the baement none of what I said would matter. I have also thought of somehow blending the basement with the main house by removing the house plinth.As you can see I am very unsure and really wished I had done that dryfit. Holly is so right. I have seen a picture of it done without the front piece, then the stairs were rerouted.I will try and find it. Anyway, good luck, it is good to see someone doing this house it is very big, as tall as me almost so lots of work. Have you decided what outside finishes you are planning yet. Keep in touch. XX Jeannine
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