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  1. Hi, I picked up a Willowcrest just a few days ago and now have found a local seller with some other things I would like to buy, it is a job lot , a fairly good deal I think but trouble is there is has a partially built Willowcrest among the lot and won't split .I am told it is barely started. My question therefore is, if you had 2 Willowcrests would you bash them into one, should you / could you and if you could how would you? You folks are a lot better at kit bashing than I am so would love to hear you ideas. Thank you Jeannine
  2. You can find 1/12th, 124th and 1/48th scale real slate , stone, bricks etc at Staceys Miniature Masonery in the UK. they will send you a sample pack to look at if you wish before you decide.
  3. Thank you for all the lovely info, it is amazing how quickly one learns stuff here XX Jeannine
  4. Thank you, someone near me has 3 double kits for sale gazebo and firehall, the train depot and store, and finally the library and shop. I guess Greenleaf put all of these together in one six pack set as the Town set. Tracy you wrote, they still carry one of the Corona villages here.. Was there more than one originally?
  5. I am aware of the village, the town and the ski village but I have seen others advertised which must be retired as they are not "in the shop".. I believe they used to come in two's eg the shop / rail depot and the firehall /gazebo. Does anyone know of any others please as I would like to look out for them. One question. Would the shop/rail depot pair be the ones that are in the current kits or are they different designs. There is a rail depot and store in the city kit and there is also a firehall and gazebo in there. I don't want to end up with duplicates. Thank you Jeannine
  6. So many wonderful ideas from you all, I knew I should have started this earlier in my life. I have always done things in miniature, sewing,dolls, bears I got down to 3/4 inch then knitted sweaters for them, etc etc but the house thing just sat in the corner of my mind, oh an English pub with handmade pub grub ..I won't sleep tonight. Oh and I almost forgot, I bought a finished house on UK ebay a few weeks ago that needed a bit of love and it arrived today. not what was described but... sort of 1930 typical English 4 bay windowed house. I fancied doing it with beams, chintz, brass, brick fireplace and mock Tudor furniture, maybe it could become a pub!!
  7. All three of the kits I found on Craiglist this week are her now my son in law picked 2 up today. So I now have the Chatilly,the Wilowcrest and the Westville.. lots of good things to play woth
  8. I used to use one years ago that was like soft putty but dried hard, I can't find it noe. I have bought two types this month and bot were full of gritty sand which is useless for small fills.
  9. Wow to both of you for your imaginations. Kathie you gave me a wonderful idea but I would have to find the right shaped house.Your residence to a free man of color reminded me of something that is a very big part of me. I grew up in Hull UK where William Wilberforce lived, he was largely responsible for abolishing slavery in the British Empire. There is a museum there about him and his work, as a kid I was drawn to it, I spent weekends there reading everything I could ect,actually that museum regarding slavery played a big part in making me who I am. What a wonderful thing to do. to recreate a Wilberforce museum. A big task but I am gonna do it. Just to find the right house..oh thank you I have to try and get pictures from my camera ( which I am just learning how to work( onto my computer) My husband was the photographer so I never bothered learning Thank you all so much for your wonderful ideas and helpp
  10. Is it allowed that I can copy them and I could mail them to you. Jeannine
  11. Well I am sure gonna give it a fair shot. I like the idea I have seen here about making the houses different, like spooky or for fairies or what ever rather than just building them so my brain is working overtime. The house I am doing now is Georgian, the furniture I am making is mostly Chippendale so very formal. There is a part of me that is like that too but there are other bits of me that are totally different so I can maybe indulge that a little.. oh the potters cottage with minikilns , or the dressmakers residence, the quilting shop, even a junk shop could be fun. We will see
  12. Thank you again, the picture of that house is amazing. It is good to know it is a decent house because my daughter is picking it up tonight!!
  13. Well I could be very busy in a couple of days. I think in my first post I mentioned I had built a Piercea long time ago but was unhappy with the plywood and got rid of it..that was years ago. Then I bought my second only house Grosvenor Hall which I am working on, very formal, very heavy MDF and it will be a very long term project. Then I started to read all your lively posts and you got me thinking, maybe it was my fault that the Pierce was not right so I decided I would give ply another go. First stop e bay, then Craigslist..oh ho.. I found three Greenleaf around me and I bought them. They are the Willowcrest, the Westville and the Chantilly and very seriously contemplating the Fairfield from back east as that is my maiden name.. then that takes me to 1/24 th scale..oops better not go there. Could be very busy very shortly. XX Jeannine
  14. I thought I had my binders packed away but found one on the bookshelf.I do have the plans for Plumbrook published 197 In the same binder I found Pepperwood Farm. Wilkshire Cottage, Woodhall San Francisco and a Valley Craft one called C6 carpenters Gothic. Jeannine
  15. The picture of those plans look very familiar to me and I just might have them.I collected plans many years ago,give me a while to dig out the box and I will get back to you Jeannine
  16. Thank you both. It is the bigger one. I am waiting to hear from the seller, it may have been sold already .
  17. There is an unopened kit on Craigslist just a couple of miles from me..is it a decent house
  18. Hi Goldenrod, it was expensive but it looked like everything I wanted and I only planned on one, however it has disappointed me on a couple of things that were not obvious just looking at pictures, so that yearning for the perfect house has not gone away. Perhaps it never will. LOL Beulah that is a sweetie, I could use him as a gardener right now. Have you been to Scotland before? If not don't forget they drive on the other side of the road. B&B is a great way to tour by the way especially in Scotland. We did it ourselves about in the late eighties, my husband had not been back so we toured Scotland for a few weeks, we stayed in hotels some of the time but the B&B was much better.
  19. Hi yes I did get the basement, thinking of making a dew changes to it but not decided.I do like the fact that it is closed backed and I prefer the MDF. When I built the plywood one years ago it had all kinds of Gingerbread trim which looked super on the box but no matter how long I tried I could not get it to look like finished wood, maybe there is a trick to that but I couldn't make it the way I wanted it. I love the designs on many of them too but it is that plywood. Joanne what part of Scotland are you going to? My husband is from Aberdeen hence the Scottish room. I am from Yorkshire. I have to figure out how to do pictures, I can take one from the net and put it into my computer than I can load that but I don't know how to do it from a camera. My husband was the photographer.computer man but sadly he is in care now with late stage Alzeimers so I have to learn all these things myself. He bought me Grosvenor Hall 5 years ago, the plan was to do it together but he got worse very quickly and I didn't start it till a few weeks ago. I was hesitant to join this forum as it is Greenleaf one but after reading a bit it would appear that it is for more than just that one brand. Maybe I could learn how you folks handle the roughness of the ply and I will have another go. My maiden name is Fairfield and I wanted to tackle a little house so maybe I can rethink it with a bit of help. Holly, Grosvenor is a very impressive house but I have to admit I am not keen on the basement, if I change it I may like it better but I have already assembled it and not sure if I can take it apart. WE will see though Nice to meet some of you Jeannine
  20. Hi, thank you for the lovely welcome. I am working on a DHE Grosvenor Hall. I have the shell all up and it is primed. All the staircases are put together as are all the railings but I have to paint and stain those yet. I have been ordering from all over and now have all my wallpapers, lights,ceiling papers, crown moldings, base boards etc , I am just waiting for tiles for the entrance hall and wood flooring to arrive, also slate for the roof and various bricks I need. I have bought a Phoenix kit to build a kitchen range and intend to make a brick nook for it to sit in. I have been collecting Xacto House of Miniature kits for years and will make my own furniture with them. Just going through designs to needlepoint the dining chairs. I plan to have a Scottish room in it with a porcelain Sean Connery as my game keeper. I make my own porcelain dolls so can make him a bit more chunkly with muscles so his kilt looks good. I did a Greenleaf some years ago, a Pierce but I didn't like the punched out ply so I didn't keep itI also bought a used 1930 ish house on e bay UK this week and intend re doing it with, chintz, brass, oak beams etc.Anyway that is what I am up to..I shall look forward to meeting you allJeannine
  21. Hi everyone,I joined a couple of months ago but didn't introduce myself.I am English living just outside Vancouver BC. Jeannine
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