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  1. Oh jolly good news, these days that is a minor miracle, she should be very proud.. I don't know about New Zealand but it is very hard here in BC Canada and it takes a very long time. I doubt if I would have the courage to do it again
  2. Great news, the bed sliding thingy worked and they delivered her home via ambulance. I am waiting to hear what other arrangements are being made but it is a great blessing that the surgeries have got her this far. Thank you again for all your warm wishes, we are truly blessed with so much support. This is much more than a dollhouse community..thank you all again for that.
  3. There are several online stores like this, I believe they are a scam. eg. in the last one we discussed I found artisan items sold by an English artist at a 1/4 of the price she sells them for. They were using her pictures too. I emailed the artist who looked and agreed there were hers but she never sells outside her own place. It is posted on her site now that there are scam sellers advertising having her items. They advertise free shipping but then contradict it in the return info. I would find it highly unlikely that they even had the house. They scour the net looking for useful pictures and put the items "for sale" on their site. Keep away is mi advice. If you scroll through the artisan stuff you will probab,y find named items. I couldn't be bothered this time. Sorry.. The other two sites to avoid are New_Kit and Rbdistore
  4. Thank you all, my biggest concern was that the wood that was only sticking to paper that the paper may pull off. I know if glued to the wood it is OK
  5. Message this morning is that they are encouraging her to sort of slide from the bed to a wheelchair and if she can do it successfully they will allow her home. I presume she will get some sort of home support system but I don't know what yet. It is a bit confusing as apart from the breakages she still has the cancer which has made her very ill so now hoping for a good outcome. Thank you all again for your support
  6. Due to the area where the house was in Yorkshire, the walls would certainly have been made of large flat grey/beige Yorkstone. This is how I would portray it and I think you could achieve that look with a thin layer of paper clay over the board, then paint and finish them to look like real Yorkstone. It was my favorite book as a child and I have seen all the versions and they are all a bit different..
  7. Hi, just wondering as I have had a problem in the past. When adding baseboards or moldings to a wall papered surface, is it better to leave a little of the wall unpapered ,just a bit that the molding will then cover . Does this make for a stronger bond as the molding will be touching both the raw wood and the wall papered surface . Also is there a better glue than the usual white which is used for assembly. I ask because in the recent build of .my caravan which fortunately was small, I found some wallpapers more like gift wrap, they were very shiny and didn't seem to handle well. I worry if putting base board on top of wallpaper it may not be strong enough and I am almost ready to begin decorating my big English house and I don't want a problem. I have 16 large rooms to paper, walls and ceilings so want to be prepared.. The ceilings are being done in a heavy anaglypta . I worry too about adding a ceiling rose to the center of a papered ceiling. Thanks in advance XX Jeannine
  8. Hi, I have just got the news that the surgeries are done, she is very uncomfortable as one would expect but is communicating via her tablet now She is pinned and plated in one leg and just pinned in the other, the ankle is in a cast. She had two bags of blood today also. So it seems as if the surgery went well and I guess it is a waiting game for what happens next. She was in the middle of a round of therapies so I hope they do that while she is there. Thank you so much for your support and caring, this poor gal has enough on her plate without all this extra hurt but it seems to be going OK so far.
  9. Thank you, I got a message to her via the ward nurse just before she went down to surgery, she had her tablet with her and managed a few words back before they took her,she sounded a bit out of it and in a lot of pain but positive, It is very sad, she deserves better and I feel useless. Your kind words will be passed on, thank you very much
  10. I just received the news that my daughter in law has had an accident. She already has terminal cancer and is fighting it with all she has ,she is mostly in bed now but today she got up a wee while and was walking without a walker in the house,just a few steps she felt an ankle give way and she went down. She has a broken ankle and the thigh bones are broken in both legs. She is going into surgery tomorrow. They have a 10 year old child and Mum has been fighting the recurrence of her cancer for three years, it started 10 years ago then went into remission but came back after 6 years.. A couple of weeks ago a scan showed it had now moved from her secondary location in her back into her leg and arm bones but still not in her liver. She is so determined to hang on as long as she can in the hope her daughter can get a little older. I don't know what else to say,, XX Jeannine
  11. Is there an accurate list of discontinued Greenleaf and Corona houses ,stating when first made and when finally dropped from the line
  12. I got a house full out with an electric iron
  13. Shannon, thank you for the Sue Cook link..it was like Christmas morning..wonderful , I need a full day to make an order there and I will, thank you again
  14. Sitting is a tad better this pm, I made it half an hour on my recliner so I am waving my arms in delight, maybe I am round the corner. I made the Scotch eggs as planned but this bad girl made homemade fries to go with. I am feeling the urge to cook but wanting to do something totally different, my choices are becoming a bit blah. I can't think of a thing for tomorrow. I may make a soup..maybe.. or a stew..
  15. Holly the Colace looks OK, as it is just a softener but I won't take anything with a medicine it it. I seem to be "going" better, late yesterday and today but I feel I need to go 24 hours a day. I don't recognize the name of the Colace but I will ring the pharmacist and ask, thank you. I think I just need some patience. I want to do my house!! I am an awful patient. I have never been this idle for years. I did manage to do a bit of cross stitch laid down yesterday though so maybe the end is near Today I am going to try to make some Scotch eggs and grab a salad from the greenhouse. I haven't made any bread yet but I may chuck thre ingredients into my mixer today and have a go.
  16. I was on the RGT website a few minutes ago, they have an extension which fits a couple of their houses and they say "with a little bit of kit bashing it will fit the Foxhall " You may want to check that out. Oh and there is a 20% sale on right now
  17. Heidi. I am a long time gardener with a huge seed stash as I swap all over the world. If I can help just ask. If you want to save seeds from your squash for eg you need to separate them by family. Plant you corn on block not rows etc.. some tomatoes need pruning. some don't like it . ask if you need any help
  18. Kellly I am not sick, just in pain. I have eaten what seems like tons of prunes, about 20 at a time, plus naturel rock hard medicinal liquorice. I had rice and spareribs today and I made collards with a bit of bacon fat. I guess I am preventing a total obstruction but it is still difficult..but it will get better. The reconstruction is what is preventing me sitting down but it has to heal. I am just becoming a bit miserable with the time. I watched ET tonight to cheer me up and enjoyed the tears is brought. Roll on the middle of June.
  19. I m not cooking much right now, still struggling to stay on my feet and I can't actually sit down so I am spending a lot of time laying on my side on my bed. I had boiled eggs and toast yesterday with a bowl of fresh strawberries with a little cream. I have some frozen spaghetti sauce, frozen chili and frozen clam chowder so I will not starve. I need to eat things that are very laxative bit so far have not found anything to do the job well.. time will go and it will heal but right now I am getting very fed up.
  20. Great news Holly, I am so happy for you, I agree the waiting was not acceptable. but the news is good, so you can put it behind you now. I am itching to get to my worktable but still cannot sit yet..grhh..I wasn't expecting this..grhh oops ,calm down Jeannine. patience is needed here. I need to give myself a good talking to and focus on the good as there was a lot of that. Is it nearly hurricane season again ?
  21. That is great news Kelly, your journey begins. I shall be watching very carefully and cheering you on from here. I think it is very exciting. Do you have some mini mini;s you can do until you get some place to put a table. Maybe A 1/48 wee house. Have you come up with a name for your own place yet Oh and if you plant a gaden be sure and plant at least one rose. I would suggest the one called Dream Come True it is one of my favorites and it grows beautifully. I have one by my front door in a very big pot
  22. I should add my carpet is squeaky clean but has no much stuff in the room there is very little floor space showing most of the time !!!
  23. Well. I wouldn't want to spoil anyones fun LOL
  24. When you want an item from your stash and it is easier and quicker to order a new one than look. Oh and the other one... The carpet cleaning man comes to do an estimate for whole house cleaning, he glances in the workroom and mutters,oh, no carpet to do in that room. (don't tell but it is off white low shag the same as the rest of the house!!
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