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  1. Beef stew yesterday.. just enough for one. I never put potatoes in stew but have them as a side dish so I di did cauli and home grown green beans instead. Today I am using left over cauli to make a cauliflower cheese,one of the rare times I re cook anything, just a tad of cornstarch to thicken the sauce, if I need to, it shouldn't count for much, lots if strong English cheddar. I am going to do it with baked chicken. thigh and I will have salad on the side or maybe some more green beans, they are growing so well at the moment,. I am no longer going to buy the deli cooked chickens, which is a shame as they were very convenient. I used to buy many of them for my doggies. I don't know what it is but there is something amiss with them. The last three I have bought have given my Chihuahuas terrible runs , even my daughters dog who was here at the time got it. It was straight from the store and still hot and it has happened a few times. I never use the meat the next day cold, and I don't reheat it .It gets chucked in the freezer and eventually ends up in a soup but I don't trust it now. I have one goose left in the freezer, I am going to try sawing it into 4 pieces while frozen as it won't bet used otherwise. I don't eat much sweet stuff but I take a medication at night that has a side effect. After I take it I yearn sweet food. it is odd but I have to find something that will satisfy it .I have been eating fruit but it is too much sugar. Apart from sugar free jello I can't think of anything,.
  2. 34 c today and much hotter in my greenhouse even with the window in the roof open, the doors open and a fan on. I found tomatoes today with blistered skin, I have never seen that before.
  3. Thank you all for the super low carb ideas.I am going to try spaghetti with the inside of a spaghetti squash sometime this week. or I may just wait till Sunday and have the real thing as I don't follow the low carb on Sundays. Today I had oysters and shrimp with buttered steamed asparagus It seems to be working even though I am not eating all the fat suggested. did have strawberries and cream yesterday though. I am not a big lover of pizza but am interested in the cauliflower crust if anyone has time to post a recipe or link
  4. Lots of things but my surgical scalpel and #11 blades is a favorite tool
  5. Tonight I have prawns, I buy them live and cook them very quickly and briefly, I guess it will be a salad with them. Holy that is an excellent way to cook fish, never done it that way but I will try that soon.I just remembered I have a big jar on pine nuts, I hope they are Ok, they are probably a year old!! I bought spinach today so will pop some in my salad.I can't grow it in the heat. Kelly your menu sounds delish too, I am right there with you on the parmesan cream sauce.yummy for the tummy. I am going to diverge a bit today with my eating and have strawberries and cream after my shrimp etc.
  6. Holly Brunetta is a commercial hybrid, sold wholesale for growers a follow on from the Kumato. I grow some very similar fruit .. in fact I have several with the mahogany brown color that are.tasty and are not hybrids.. These I can save seeds from. If I saved seeds from a commercial Brunetta the would not come true. Re the peppers, the Habenero is quite low on the scale compared to the ghost and nre top ones.. It is more than hot enough for me though and I sometimes grow them.
  7. I have been subbing cauli for potatoes. am trying to avod soups etc as I only eat what I cook that day and it is a bit hard to make soup for one/ . I only intended to try it for a week to see if I could do it.So far I don't feel deprived and have lost about three pounds so I will keep going a bit longer I will pick up an Atkins and Keto book I think I have been eating a little fruit because I had just bought some and did not want to throw it away but I don't think is actually allowed. Thanks for the help.
  8. My Birkenstocks, I wear them all the time even in the winter and I have done so for many years, they are a very important part of ME. I hate other shoes and resent sometimes putting them on when I have to.
  9. It sounds very yummy and I love apricots .but right now that lovely recipe will have to go on hold., Today I made a crustless quiche, all the eggs, cheese, mushrooms , ham and broc went in the dish and it turned out very well. I chucked the leftover meat in the freeze for another day. Tomorrow I may make a veggie and chicken curry but no rice LOL it sounds crazy. I think if I have cauli on my plate with two other veggies I kid myself that the cauli is the potato as it is white so the curry may be a no and I will go for lamb chops with veggies.. I think the folks on this low to zero carb diet must be fantastic cooks as I have very few ideas. I may have to invest in a book I think. I have never used spaghetti squash but I may give that a try if I can find it, it is too late to grow it.
  10. Nell, I don't know your location but the greenhouse may come in handy through the winter. I can keep a salad patch, carrots and some perennial veggies and kale leaves growing right through, tomatoes I can usually keep till the start of November if I put the effort in, the pepper plants sometimes will winter over and pick up in the Spring. My greenhouse is very hot right now, my cucumbers are really struggling. I have a bet with myself every year that I will eat a home grown salad with tomatoes from the greenhouse on Christmas day and most years I manage , but it is usually just maybe three of four tiny tomatoes that make it once it gets cold.it I like my greenhouse for tomatoes because it avoids the dreaded blight which is so prevalent in m y area .My fave tomato is a hybrid sadly one of the few I ever grow , it is Sungold. I have a few dehybridised versions of it but they are not as sweet..I used to grow miniature peppers and tomatoes under lights but this year I sold my 3 tier light fixture so I shall try on the window sill with some micro toms/micro peppers this year . My choices this year are pathetic as I was ill when I would usually start seeding so I missed the chance for tomatoes and bought plants. I have some of the Bumble Bee ones which are pretty but not very tasty but some of my Sungolds from last year self seeded so it will be interesting to see what they produce .
  11. Hi, reading between the lines I sense this is a play doll rather than a dollhouse doll If I am correct I have trunk full of doll wigs left over from my doll making shop and I may have something for you. The way to get the size is to measure her head all around immediately above her ears. that is her size. If you can post a picture of the doll I can see how the old wig is and see what I have ( have many of the Monique wigs then some others in real hair and all styles.
  12. What a shame, that is sad, but you can still visit surely? What part of Canada where you in?
  13. Holly that sound delicious mm mm . I managed steamed green veggies and a small steak today. It is difficult to cook without the carbs .Scrambled eggs early on. I still cannot get the three meals in, if I have brekkie I don't want the lunch but I am trying very hard. I should pass on the deep fried breaded Okra for a bit so I guess mine will have to go in the freezer for now. Shucks. maybe I will do a little of it and put the carbs down to a moment of desperation. Julie I love spaghetti, maybe I should just put the meat sauce over zuchinni LOL Any ideas for using left over meat without carbs, I would usually make it into shepherds pie but can't think of a topping other than potato.
  14. It seems I am following you round the forum. I used to live near Nottingham many years ago,my RAF husband was posted there
  15. Hi Ilisha, welcome to out family. I am in Canada right on the US border but still very Yorkshire British inside. I have I think three British houses. one I am working on as we speak . I like that they are mostly front opening . I have a British one on my wish list too but no longer in production so I watch the British e bay often just in case It is Kate's Cottage by the way from DHE There is a great crowd here but there is always room for another one so jump right in, I am very low on the totem pole with skills compared to most folks here but they are all terrific.
  16. Oh my goodness Nell, your husband sure takes his chili peppers seriously. The last really hot ones I grew were "Ghosts", far too hot for me but I did them for a friend. I also did a very hot one that a pal sent me from the UK but I found it variable so I gave up on saving seeds. I don't remember it's name even but it was supposed to be the hottest three or four years ago. I tend to do jalapenos most years as I have a green jelly that is great with cold meats. I make it for Christmas givings at my church.. I call it Red Hot Jalapeno Jelly but not hot at all when compared to even the ghost so goodness knows what your husband grows. I am not too familiar with what is top of the list these days. As I am getting on I am gradually giving away most of my seeds stash as there is no way I could ever use them. It sure was fun sharing and collecting them though, almost addictive, ( actually very addictive if I am honest) I used to like the round robin parcels that went all over the world and back again. I don't think I have any chili pepper seeds anymore but I will look, they would be at least three or four years old though.If I have anything worth saving I will let you know.. That is Ok for tomatoes of course. but not so certain about peppers. I do have some very interesting tomato seeds though. I remember when the first true blue ones were out, I was thrilled to get them before they were released, smuggled out of a lab would you believe but now they are everywhere. Certainly interesting to grow but the flavor was a real thumbs down . I also remember the Pepperdew sweet pepper everyone was after and I got it although supposedly illegal and I still have seeds for that one. It is amazing what lengths we seed savers go to . I never had a moments guilt about my smuggling days LOL. I have a stash of perennial veggie seeds with some pretty rare ones in it still, some things one doesn't let go of too easily I guess. .Give your husband my best wishes, it is always good to hear of a dedicated seed collector especially a brave one and he needs to brave to process some of those peppers.
  17. me too on the genealogy stuff, I too have brick wall and it is really weird.
  18. Thank you Carrie, that is excellent advice that hadn't occurred to me.. XX Jeannine
  19. Well, I am finally all better after my surgery except I still have a few dissolving stitches in a very discreet place and apparently they may take up to 4 months to finally go but I am Ok. I had another set back 6 weeks after my surgery but nothing connected. I got some kind of tummy bug with the runs for 8 days, no vomiting so I could eat but I didn't drink enough so got very dehydrated, seeing things,head spinning, skin lost it's elasticity, erratic pulse, and I dropped 9 pounds ,all water of course, but 3 days on electrolytes and tons of fluids got me up and over it thank goodness, and of course the weight came back on so hopefully I can now get down to my plan. If the CT scan that is in the works is what they are expecting I will be having back surgery so I need to get more mobile. Also I have very low iron count which wasn't responding to oral iron as it made me vomit, so starting shortly I am having IV iron 3 times a week in the hospital till the numbers are good then top ups if need be, this would be prior to the surgery. In the meantime I need to do something about my weight which will make things easier for me to recover my mobility..I am not sure yet which diet to choose but am starting by trying to eat 4 times a day which is not easy for me.For a start it means getting up earlier which is a good thing. So should I go with the low carb Keto diet , not sure if I should, or go with a basic all round Weight Watchers. Today, and for the next few days I am going to try the low carb one and see how it goes. I am winging it so any help is appreciated. I did eat breakfast..uugh just a boiled egg and a cup of tea but I got it down., planning a piece of chicken with cauli and brussel sprouts for dinner. I will have to think of something for lunch and some late snack..oh it is hard. I do have some large shrimp which I could do with a small green salad.Celery sticks for a snack I guess. Holly my okra is just starting to fruit. I only grew 2 plants, one is large and healthy the other looks like a weed, but the first one has about 4 nice ones on it. I was thinking of freezing them. Sorry for the medical rambling but it fits with what I am tryng to do with my cooking. Wish me luck folks, I could have a new lease on life if I can pull this off a bit.
  20. Karin the top circle is where I see the wolf face, it has stick up ears and is pointing slightly sideways so you can see the length of it's nose..I find this fascinating as I can see it as clear as a bell but I cannot see a people face
  21. I don't see what you see., but as clear as a bell I see the animal on the right side.It looks like a sitting wolf ,so very real . I can see the expression on it's face, it perfect upright ears and it's front legs and chest
  22. Thank you, I need to make a trip over the line to Bellingham, I have been trying to go for weeks with no luck.I have things to pick up and stuff to mail I can try the US Walmart while there. I think I will buy some cook books from e bay. They turn up in Value Village a lot but I guess they will be different from the current eating plans so don't know if they will work in. Yesterday I was at the Dr. and he ordered a CT scan for my spine, there is a chance I can get some surgery which could help my mobility so fingers crossed for that. He has also arranged for me to get iron via IV, apparently I have to go to the hospital for it a few days a week until the numbers are up, that should help a lot as my iron numbers are very low. Another reason why I need to get a very balanced diet.
  23. Thank you all. I cancelled the online line and am going to visit the one in the town. ,I can go for a look see and someone will be there to advise me what books I need atc. then if I like the feel of the place I will join there. I can't do the no carb one it is too hard on my kideys and apart from that, it didn't seem to help me, when I chose to cut out fat I lost quite well but I want a mpre all round diet so chose WW. Thank you all for your help Nell which books cookery or otherwise would you advise me getting and do I need a point count and point book
  24. One of the messages was to download an app.I haven't a clue what that is or what to do with it
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