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  1. Got my appointments for my IV iron in a couple of weeks a few bags over a few days,so maybe some of this fatigue may go away and I can do more on my houses and I am finally going to get an eye test..so that may meake life easier too as cheap magnifiers are probably not the best way to go.Gee I may be bouncing around like a spring chicken.
  2. Mine has the grooves, they are not very deep and not easy to see, take a flashlight/torch and look close on the floors not the ceilings
  3. Welcome., I too hqve a Grosvenpr hall on the go, I had it sent over frm the Uk a few years ago. house and basement. I have the shell all erected and was workimg on the stairs and doors staining when I took a break from it. I intend to keep to the GEORGIAN style and carry through wth the decor.I think I am putting some staff quarters in the basement. Good luck with yours. XX Jeannine
  4. Update.. I have the whole house dry fitted together, a couple of new walls built and so on. I am struggling a bit as the wood bothers me a lot especially if it touches my forearms, my fingers are sore ..to much scalpel work I think..but having got all the negative stuff off my mind the postive is I am making headway,still a few architectural things to ponder but.. oh boy .The mail brought me some lovely things yesterday.It amazes me when I look at this Bespaq stuff how they do it. . I got a dining room suite, a pump organ and chair, a harp, a three mirrored dresser and chair, wardrobe..
  5. The reductions I have done myself have resulted in just an unclear white out scene with no detail other than a bit of shading.The whole picture is basically just shades of white and brown and everything has a subtle halo around it, so it is perhaps not the best picture to try to reduce..but..I am still positive and hopeful. I am long way off hangin it so plenty of time
  6. I never owned a Barbie..not quite sure why. I loved microscopes and scientifiic things. I was fascinated by how the microscope could take me into a tiny world. I remember dolls and dolls prams, I had a small but identical copy of a grownup coach built babies pram, they are deifinately collectible now. I also loved fabrics as a child, I was fascinated but the feel of different ones.. I got a decent sewing machine quite early on, not a toy thank goodnss as they were useless, it was a treadle. I had it for many years, it crossed the Atlantic with me.
  7. Holly, I have thought of going to a professional photographer but I won't take the picture from it's frame, It has the original mat, glass and backing and it would be risky. The picture I had off the net which was in the link is of course a modern print and lacks the aged look of mine.it is very white wereas mine is very mellow. We wil see. In this day and age almost anything can be done if one finds the right place so I am still hopeful
  8. Thank you again Kathy, I shall look forward to hearing from him
  9. The story behind the painting is this.. we moved into a large Victorian vicarage when I was about 10 or 11. My mother and sister were always the decorators so were amused when my father insisted on organising the decoration of the huge entrance hall. He had a carpenter do the walls in oak with a shelf running round the top on which he displayed a collection of minatures he had.He went to a country house estate auction and bought an old pump organ , a grandfather clock, and a very old carved chair. He also bought the picture. It's name is on the back. The Day was Sloping towards His Western Bow
  10. Hi I couldn't het the picture that is iver my mantle pice, the site says it is too big but I found one on the net so hoping it wil go on https://www.wikiart.org/en/joseph-farquharson/the-day-was-sloping-towards-his-western-bower-1912
  11. Holly I have the painting, it is a full size one that belonged to my father,very very special to me I need to get it down to 1/24 so it can go above the living room mantle piece
  12. You may get an idea if you look at Romney Minatures in the UK for slate..I buy all my bricks from them and have always been pleased
  13. Hi, I am Ok with Polymer, it is probebly what I will do, then the next time I do use my kiln...whenever ?? I will make a porcelain one and be able to china paint it.It is one of those things on my find or do list..like a 1.24 horses bridle and reins etc , also for my Gypsy caravan and then shrinking a very special pinting down to 1/24 size without losing the detail..gee the things we do for fun eh !! Having said that what a super feeling when we do solve the puzzle and actualy come up with the item we want.
  14. Yes it could be a bowl,I just haven't made it a priority yet, it was just a thought about the 3d thing, may have been easy.
  15. Working on the chimney, gee I am certain it was easier first time around, but it is all snaded and dry fitted together si I am making progress.
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