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  1. Just popping in to say I am thinking about all of you that me be affected by this dreadful hurricane.I will e watching the progression on the news. I remember clearly how you all patiently educated me a few years ago on this subject. Sincere special good wishes, be safe XX Jeannine
  2. Hi evreyone, I just came by to find an old adress from my PM pages,I so I thought I would say helluo to everyone, I have not been so good. but I am still kicking albeit not very hgh and awfully slow I hope you are all mananaging to avoid Covid..be well.I din't find what I was looking for and it is 1pm so I will have to come back nother day XX Jeannine
  3. Rebecca freezer paper and grease proof is not the same, I use freezer paper in my quilting, it irons on to a fabric so it makes goos templates but gresaeproof does not work. Try a quilting shop or an Amazon. If you get rrally stuck I can mail you some XX Jeannine just checked Auatralia/New Zealand amazon has it . It is Reynolds Freezer paper ,the kind i use it is lightly plastic coated but just barely, thid is what you need
  4. Well I finished the calf length b]ack pure wool cardigan;/coat I was knitting tonight so that is part 1 of my makeover.. I have got all my ceramic doll molds out of my linen closet and now have them packed in 10 plastic boxes that are on a shelf in my workroom, Next job is box all the many Petite Properties kits in identical boxes and get them on th putting them asidi to donate them to somethimg. All my cardmakind stuff has gone, all my cake making stuff has gone and all my pergamano has gone so thet leaves a good few boxes empty and gives me more space to get things organised. so I am making
  5. You are right Rebecca, Birmans are a super breed. We had Chinchillas for many years but I have been catless for a lomg time now.. I miss them too. What am I doing today or this week..well not much and it is starting to get me down I need to get my head cleared, so much has happened over the last year that I seem to have lost some get up and go.I am knitting when sat down not very exciting bit at least occupied. I am still trying to get my work room the way I want it but I don't seem to very motivated. I won't work on any minis in a disorganised room so I need to pull myself
  6. Thank you all for your kindness. XX Jeannine
  7. very mild in my part of Canada, there has not been one snowflake here this season ..yet!! I still have a few tomatoes in my greenhouse along with the usual winter stuff I grow in there
  8. Just dropping by.. I finally have managed to get over my trip, it took more out of me than I thought it would. my docter was right about that..Canada to Holland, then over to the UK, back to Holland then back to Canada in 4 weeks is a lot of travelling. I got to have a few days rest at my nieces in England but most of the Holland time was very stressful. . . I spent a lot of time at my DIL's palliative care home It was a beautiful place, very caring. She seemed quite settled when I left on Christmas eve morning, the paralysis was as far as her middle torso so she was still able to be raised s
  9. Just a quick note, I arrived home safely except for another chest infection but at least it was only starting when I left so the worst part is here. It was quite the trip. XX Jeannine
  10. Thanks Holly, I do have a pillow but I can never sleep on a plane,I find something on the Tv and stick to that.I guess I coud pop a pill LOL I was a bit sad in England as I was just half an hours drive from Petite Properties. Thay have a new series. One is shown on the webpage and the others were to be released in October. I phoned when I arrived nearby with my fingers crossed that the series was ready ,alas no . Tony said he was running behind. The series is super. It looks as if it is going to be, witchy /creepy. He gave me a bit more info but I will have to be patient. I
  11. I have just completed the 4th leg of my trip, I am back in Holland and getting ready to fly home to Canada on Christmas Eve, I am still in one piece but a bit raggy at the edges
  12. Leaving in an hour to catch the overnight ferry from Holland to the UK, part 2 of my journey.
  13. H Hollie, that will have to be another trip, that is unless I can get one in while in the UK next week however the cash I have spent coming here, buying my son a car, ferry costs not to mention the ton of gifts and clothes I have taken for a family of 6 taken a huge junk from my savings so i have to think about that a bit when I get back..
  14. Little update. I am booked to leave for the UK on the 12th, back on the 17th, then back to Canada on the 24th.. I am holding up better than I thought but I am not seeing any sights either, here in Holland everything of course is revolving around my DIL. It is her birthday today so almost everyone is meeting by her bed for cake etc. I will do a little travelling with my niece in England, especially as Petite Properties is half and hour drive from her house, oh my!! I do have a list of stuff that friends want back home so have to break out and go shopping soon. XX Jean
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