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  1. I'm building the RGT Mountain View Cottage. Apparently it was discontinued quite a few years ago but I found this one on eBay. Since I wasn't sure if I would really get into it, I didn't want to spend a lot. I love it though!
  2. Love the look of the room, even with the "quirks."" How far apart are your ceiling beams? Love them! Mary Beth
  3. Thanks, Gloria! I will check out that store. It's probably only about 45 minutes away. (That's close for me. I live in the middle of nowhere! Lol!) Post progress on yours too, ok?
  4. Thank you so much!! We have a hobby lobby in Cincinnati, about 45 minutes away from me. That's much better than waiting for shipping. I wish I knew of better local miniature stores. So far those that I've been able to find are mostly for trains, etc. Not dollhouses.
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good source to purchase components for a stair rail? My kit came with extremely basic stairs that I've jazzed up but as I'm looking for stair rail components, I'm not able to tell in most cases which spindles will fit in the groove of which rails. I've checked several sources, but this is new to me since this is my first dollhouse. I'm basically just googling for the pieces. Any recommendations? By the way, here are pics of the kit version of the stairs as well as my non-glued-in-place steps. Gotta paint and do flooring enforce making it permanent. Than
  6. Thanks! Now I have to figure out wall color and flooring so I can glue them in...
  7. The steps that came with my dollhouse kit left a bit to be desired. So here's a pic of the original open steps that came with the kit and a couple pics of my upgraded steps. I added backs to the stairs and a stair runner then enclosed the back of the staircase. The "carpet" is actually ribbon. There's still some masking tape on the steps as the glue dries but I was excited and wanted to share. I can't believe I'm so "into" my very first dollhouse! Mary Beth
  8. Here's my first try at egg carton brickwork. It still needs sealed and grouted, but I'm pretty pleased so far!
  9. I'm making egg carton bricks to put on my wood block of a chimney. What kind of adhesive do you use? Just Tacky Glue? Thanks, Mary Beth
  10. The chimney is gorgeous! What did you use for the stone?
  11. Thanks! It's my first dollhouse. I'm kind of obsessed...
  12. Finished the gazebo roof. Now for the trim...
  13. Your brickwork is amazing! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!!
  14. I'm working on an old RGB Mountain View Cottage kit that I got for Christmas. (Yes, I found it on ebay and sent my husband the link as a "hint.") This is my very first dollhouse and I totally love working on it! Right now I'm shingling the gazebo roof panels. I can't wait to get those up! The kit came with a chimney that's just a block of wood. In the kit pictures, it shows it painted. I feel like I should brick it but I'm not quite sure how to do that. Are there teeny tiny bricks out there to buy for such a small space or should I use sheets of bricks like I've seen for exteriors? Or am I bet
  15. This is awesome! I had to cut some 22.5 angles for my gazebo and I had to mark them using the pattern on the kit instructions as a guide. I would have much rather used this. I will have to check it out!
  16. Thanks, all! Great ideas! Wendy, I'm working on an old RGT Mountain View Cottage. Apparently this kit was discontinued about 10 years ago but I found one on eBay for a super price. Since it's my first one, I was delighted to get one very reasonably priced. I wasn't sure if I'd stick with it. However, I'm loving it! I really like the building part. I'm afraid I will struggle with the decorating, though. I guess I'll find out! mb
  17. I'm working on my first ever dollhouse and I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you all can help me with. The first question is about dying the shingles. I've only seen two color options for shingles - grey and red. I'd prefer something like dark brown. Can you combine the grey and red to get something like a dark brown or am I just not looking at the right locations for purchasing shingle dye? My second question is about interior walls. I've noticed most people seem to use wallpaper rather than painting their interiors. Does painting generally not work well? Than
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