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  1. Love the look of the room, even with the "quirks."" How far apart are your ceiling beams? Love them! Mary Beth
  2. Thanks! Now I have to figure out wall color and flooring so I can glue them in...
  3. The steps that came with my dollhouse kit left a bit to be desired. So here's a pic of the original open steps that came with the kit and a couple pics of my upgraded steps. I added backs to the stairs and a stair runner then enclosed the back of the staircase. The "carpet" is actually ribbon. There's still some masking tape on the steps as the glue dries but I was excited and wanted to share. I can't believe I'm so "into" my very first dollhouse! Mary Beth
  4. Here's my first try at egg carton brickwork. It still needs sealed and grouted, but I'm pretty pleased so far!
  5. The chimney is gorgeous! What did you use for the stone?
  6. Thanks! It's my first dollhouse. I'm kind of obsessed...
  7. Finished the gazebo roof. Now for the trim...
  8. Your brickwork is amazing! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!!
  9. I'm working on an old RGB Mountain View Cottage kit that I got for Christmas. (Yes, I found it on ebay and sent my husband the link as a "hint.") This is my very first dollhouse and I totally love working on it! Right now I'm shingling the gazebo roof panels. I can't wait to get those up! The kit came with a chimney that's just a block of wood. In the kit pictures, it shows it painted. I feel like I should brick it but I'm not quite sure how to do that. Are there teeny tiny bricks out there to buy for such a small space or should I use sheets of bricks like I've seen for exteriors? Or am I bet
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