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  1. AndreaJane

    Time Out

    Mike I will keep you in my thoughts and send you all the healthy, healing energy you need. May your indomitable spirit see you through.
  2. AndreaJane


    I printed the badge on glossy photo paper then cut some mat board a teeny bit bigger. I covered the mat board with that shiny silver plumbing tape (at least I think that it what it is) and then mounted the photo paper on top. It does give it some depth. I used the same silver tape for the griddle. You will note my real griddle is not that shiny The doors do not work. I've decided, for my own sanity, that I'm not going for true realism. I was reading one of Kris' (of 1InchMinis blog...) tutorials where she said that she wouldn't have her appliances hanging open in real life so
  3. AndreaJane


    I did. It's made out of bass wood and layers and layers of paint. The knobs I made out of Fimo clay. I just cut out circles and made each one with one circle for the base and a half circle for the part you grasp. The silver is alcohol ink. I have a life size Wedgewood in my kitchen that I just love. My miniature kitchen needed one too
  4. Your work is always so inspiring.
  5. AndreaJane

    First Dollhouse

    Chronicling the adventures of renovating and decorating my first dollhouse - the Beacon Hill
  6. AndreaJane

    Bead Cage Light

    Oh wow! That is so lovely!
  7. I love the details of this too - especially the wallpaper. When I see things like this I like to imagine who it was originally purchased for.
  8. I can't wait to see what you do with the interior. I love me some Steampunk.
  9. I was inspired by Jodi. Ignore the cat pan. It can't be helped. And the odd paint job - the previous owner used this room as a nursery and I still haven't gotten around to painting after four years....
  10. I love seeing others work spaces. I'm envious of how organized you are! I have an entire office/craft room and it is a disaster.
  11. The wallpaper is a perfect touch
  12. I included that shot because I thought everyone could relate. :) Realities of the hobby - cuts and paint. At least it's my reality.
  13. Other than bashing out a wall here and there I'm mostly been making small things for the attic. I did make a glass partition to place just to the right of the front door to make a bit of separation from the living room (one of the walls I removed was the dog-leg wall separating the foyer/dining area from the living room). I'm waiting for some brass stampings to add decorative detail to the bottom part of the wall. I found a great resource for brass stampings - her prices are good*, huge selection and shipping is super fast. No affiliation - just wanted to share: vintagej
  14. Big day at the Beacon Hill construction site today. First of all my husband gave me a Dremel with 8 million attachments for my birthday so yay me! If you saw my introduction post you will have seen that the exterior of the Craigslist find Beacon Hill was Pepto Bismol pink and painter's tape blue. I slapped on some white paint to cover the pink and blue so I didn't have to look at it anymore. It will still need a serious paint job but for now at least it is palatable. And then I went and knocked out the first floor staircase! I had already removed the dog-leg wall betw
  15. I am absolutely in love with this! This is what I aspire to. I love the layering of objects and the attention to detail.
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