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  1. Mid-life madness
    I have been trying to rework the stairs to fit a powder room underneath....Well, there is not going to be a powder room. Every family needs two bathrooms for crying out loud!!!( I think I'll stash one in the attic)
    It has been slow going, but I have my room layouts complete, and somewhat achieved the open concept I was going for. I realize I shot myself in the foot by my choice of stair placement. The kitchen will be really undersized and the dishwasher may inaccessible.
    Next up....electricty
  2. Mid-life madness
    Time is flying. I can't believe how little progress I've made in 10 days. I painted and added clapboard siding, and decided to do some fish scale trim on the gable ends using craft sticks. Somehow it seemed liked the fish scale would would go quickly....NOT!

  3. Mid-life madness
    I dry fit the Laurel, then the primrose. I am adding rooms to the Laurel so it will have 6 rooms. I double decked/bashed two Primroses. I think I should have approached it differently, but I want the the floors to line up. I experimented with raw wood paint, sealer. I like it better because it has no odor.
    The Laurel is glued except for the roof. I'm adding dormers to the attic space. I am leaving out the room dividers for now, and I am going to reconfigure the stairs.
    Onward and upward!
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