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  1. I like the sound of that: self leveling... I wonder if I can get it in The Netherlands.
  2. Thank you, I have bought some cork, it is 2 mm thick. Do you know the name of brand you use for that compound or sealer?
  3. I have been reading this post form @BigC explaining how he made bricks out of cork and I must say that I love it! It is easy to cut, although the blades run dull very fast, you can stain the material (I like Dutch red bricks) and it has a nice feel to it. Does anyone here know how I can seal the bricks and what to use as mortar?
  4. Thank you all! Yesterday I had a go at it. I work in a printing factory and that is a benefit. Last week my team and I made a weekly journal containing 20 pages. I could copy the PDF's and make them smaller (25 mm high) and printed a copy. Then I made a mistake. I folded them into each other. It took me a while to understand I should have fold them onto each other... Here is the result, my copy of Alice in Wonderland and a songbook. When I enlarged the picture I noticed that I stuck the front of Alice upside down, haha.
  5. Oops, that would be 1:12... Thank you all, I will look at Youtube and Jim's.
  6. Hi folks, I can not to seem to find anything on the website. Do you know any tutorials?
  7. I am sooooo jealous, this is lovely.
  8. We have bought another house, in real life that is. The next 5 months my stuff is going to be in boxes... There will be no time or place for my smal house until then, I hope I can fight the addiction. When we have moved our stuff to the new home there will be a room for my hobby and that's a improvement!
  9. When you know you bought a special color of green paint and can not find it... (starts mixing blue and yellow...)
  10. This is the one in my gallery. Good idea! Using print, stick it on some cardstock and apply the mixture! Maybe I will try these: https://albarello.nl/delfts-blauw/
  11. I had great fun following this tutorial. Both of crisatoledo's and WestPaces's remarkes helped. I used cardboard for it, followed the instructions carefully and now I have a bunch of tiles for my mini-shower to come. It is too bad I can not make the shower now, I first have to finish the ceiling and the floor of the second level. Now I can make black and white floor-tiles (20 mm x 20 mm) and tiles for the wall (10 mm x 10 mm).
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