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  1. And here is someone building this house: http://thehalfscaleofit.blogspot.com/2019/09/
  2. But Mike still has the plans in one of his albums, I have downloaded them and I just made a start with this house.
  3. He tries it all the time, Havanaholly, but I won't let him, haha. He would eat anything, especially little peaces of wood.
  4. Finally, it took me three years of my life, haha. You can find some pictures here: http://omamargot.blogspot.com Just recently I was browsing this beloved forum and found an old post: It is closed now due to missing links, but you can still find the missing pictures in Mike's album: And that helped me to decide to give it a go. At first I thought to try 1:24 but my wife and a friend said they liked a bigger version better. So 1:12 it will be. I have searched the internet but only find three pictures of the Art Deco house, maybe one of you has more
  5. I like the sound of that: self leveling... I wonder if I can get it in The Netherlands.
  6. Thank you, I have bought some cork, it is 2 mm thick. Do you know the name of brand you use for that compound or sealer?
  7. I have been reading this post form @BigC explaining how he made bricks out of cork and I must say that I love it! It is easy to cut, although the blades run dull very fast, you can stain the material (I like Dutch red bricks) and it has a nice feel to it. Does anyone here know how I can seal the bricks and what to use as mortar?
  8. Thank you all! Yesterday I had a go at it. I work in a printing factory and that is a benefit. Last week my team and I made a weekly journal containing 20 pages. I could copy the PDF's and make them smaller (25 mm high) and printed a copy. Then I made a mistake. I folded them into each other. It took me a while to understand I should have fold them onto each other... Here is the result, my copy of Alice in Wonderland and a songbook. When I enlarged the picture I noticed that I stuck the front of Alice upside down, haha.
  9. Oops, that would be 1:12... Thank you all, I will look at Youtube and Jim's.
  10. Hi folks, I can not to seem to find anything on the website. Do you know any tutorials?
  11. I am sooooo jealous, this is lovely.
  12. We have bought another house, in real life that is. The next 5 months my stuff is going to be in boxes... There will be no time or place for my smal house until then, I hope I can fight the addiction. When we have moved our stuff to the new home there will be a room for my hobby and that's a improvement!
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