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  1. I am sooooo jealous, this is lovely.
  2. We have bought another house, in real life that is. The next 5 months my stuff is going to be in boxes... There will be no time or place for my smal house until then, I hope I can fight the addiction. When we have moved our stuff to the new home there will be a room for my hobby and that's a improvement!
  3. This looks very good. Respect!
  4. When you know you bought a special color of green paint and can not find it... (starts mixing blue and yellow...)
  5. This is the one in my gallery. Good idea! Using print, stick it on some cardstock and apply the mixture! Maybe I will try these: https://albarello.nl/delfts-blauw/
  6. I had great fun following this tutorial. Both of crisatoledo's and WestPaces's remarkes helped. I used cardboard for it, followed the instructions carefully and now I have a bunch of tiles for my mini-shower to come. It is too bad I can not make the shower now, I first have to finish the ceiling and the floor of the second level. Now I can make black and white floor-tiles (20 mm x 20 mm) and tiles for the wall (10 mm x 10 mm).
  7. @WestPaces You mentioned that you used thin card stock, how thick is the resin when it is dry? One or two millimeters?
  8. I just ordered the Envirolite resin... A bit difficult to find the stuff in my country but I found out that fishermen who like to make their own 'jerkbaits' use this stuff.
  9. I use little leds, like in here: Also hid some in the ceiling, the wires are very thin and the led is about 2 mm in size.
  10. I think it will take me two years to finish my dollhouse but if I wil contunue this hobby I want something like this: Modern dollhouses
  11. Today I spend half a day trying to make a gallery... Believe you me, I am not a noob at computers and websites but this forum has some difficult features. Thanks to other members who looked for some answers earlier I found out how to get it right. One of my goals was to be on the frontpage of this site and I have done so...
  12. What a great house! My next dollhouse will definitely be a modern piece.
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