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  1. H-Ann


    That is an excellent idea! However, I think I want to go for the real deal and use fixtures. I like the idea of creating walls and floors on templates so that I can slide them in and out if I need to replace wiring/lights, ect.
  2. H-Ann


    Thank you! I made my introduction when I joined back in February, I believe. It's hard being a perfectionist, but I will try my hardest to follow your advice. Live and learn! I'm currently decorating my own house, so my life is consumed of nothing but making expensive decisions, which is why it's difficult.
  3. H-Ann


    However! I kind of want to do this house right. If I'm going to do hardwood flooring, I'd like to have the lights already done so that I don't have to take it apart to do it later.....
  4. H-Ann


    This is something that I had not really thought about. So you're saying, go without the lights, and then maybe down the road, I can just use the battery operated ones if I really want lights installed.
  5. H-Ann


    I appreciate that! It's good to know that I'm doing what's expected. I just thought I was being indecisive
  6. H-Ann


    Also, I feel like I'm just buying supplies instead of actually using them. Anyone else experience this?
  7. H-Ann


    I am stumped. Being that this will most likely be the only dollhouse that I will ever due, do to how large it is (Garfield), I am wanting to do everything right. I am ready to add lighting, but I don't know which direction to go. Do I make my own lamps, or buy them. Battery, canned lighting and make a faux ceiling, LED, not LED. What are the pros and cons of everything. I'm hoping to have this house for years and years so my daughter, and future children can enjoy it and hopefully they use it for their kids. Which lights last the longest, which are easily replaceable if a bulb does go out? I am clearly overwhelmed, but hopefully once I get this going I can continue going and get this bad boy done. I'd just love to get some progress on this thing, and I haven't been able to do anything for a few weeks.
  8. H-Ann

    Whitewashed floor

    Thank you! So sorry I only saw this now! I think I need to do electrical before I do the flooring ...so we'll see. But I'm definitely going to do this!
  9. Hi friend!! So glad to hear I'm not the only one in LV! I've been needing a mini partner! I sent you a message and would love to meet up with you sometime! You have made some amazing progress since beginning! I wish I could say the same! Maybe you can rub some of your good vibes on me!
  10. H-Ann

    Whitewashed floor

    That's a great question, I'd also like to add to that, what kind of glue did you use? (I'm planning on doing hardwood, but not sure the process)
  11. H-Ann

    Whitewashed floor

    I just tapped a little tiny nail with a little tiny hammer to make an indention then I rubbed the floor with a dark wash (brown acrylic paint & water) before I whitewashed it, thats what made the "holes" pop. Thanks! Holy cow! That's a great idea!!! Thank you! What size popsickles did you use?
  12. Thank you! I didn't think about that. I bought opening working windows. Are they plastic or glass?
  13. Can anyone tell me how to remove spray paint from the windows? I glued 4 windows on and placed tape over the clear part, and the paint went through the window hole and sprayed lightly on the inside. *insert monkey emoji covering eyes* Clearly, for me, I need to paint first, then glue. thankfully it's only the Garfield, so I still have more 100 windows I can mess up on before I'm finished. *insert nervously sweating emoji*
  14. I've read it all throughout this feed: what does dry fit mean ? #newbie
  15. Very beginner question: Is there a general measurement that most people follow when spacing shingles? Or do people just wing it? (Perfectionist of me is really overthinking all of this) I really just want to get going, but am not sure the appropriate steps to get started with shingling. / :
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