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  1. I have been working on the Vintage S&W Country Estate I purchased in January of this year. It was all together, but never finished and parts were missing and needed TLC. So, I got to work and turned walls around so doors would be in place according the the original plans. I noticed some of the lap siding was glued in upside down so I corrected that, plus all the other little things. After reconstruction ended in mid-march, I decided to painted it a pale gray with white trim and replaced all the original windows with working double hungs with the added mullions. those took a while to build, but so worth the time and effort. and the louvered shutters will be painted black. After more research, I opted out of the fishscale shingles and going with asphalt shingles I found in medium brown. Intense labor of love I tell ya!
  2. Just G

    Inlay bed

    It's beautiful and a very good find!
  3. Thank you! I'm so happy to have found it for my first house and appreciate your kind words. I hope to create an album here to share with all of you. If I can figure it out..lol! And.. Love your little quote!
  4. WOW WOW WOW! Well shrink me down and mark it sold, I want to live there. This home is so beautiful and agree, it belongs in a museum and at 10K price; worth every penny. The interior woodwork is impeccable and so real. Thanks for sharing the link.
  5. Hi Mary Beth! I too am a first time doll houser.. And welcome! I'm from Michigan, but there is a doll house store in Harrison, OH. Called "Little girl in you". . Google them to see how far the are from where you live. They may have what you are looking for. I too am limited on stores and turn to the Internet. But, nothing like talking face to face and actually seeing the items to see it they will work. I'm working on an original stairway too, plus the whole house. I removed the stair case and fell apart; so old) . Not sure if I'm going to try to restore it or go new. TBD :-) Good of luck and love your staircase! Please post progress. Gloria.
  6. Thanks! It's over three months since I brought it home. I turned two walls around on first floor, removed all the old windows and replacing with working double hung. The one pic shows the opening had to be rebuilt. 6 inch opening for a 5 inch window. That was a head scratcher. I have the interior all primed, the cir-kit electrical kit ready, painted the exterior light gray, will have black shutters and dark red doors with brass accents. I can now see how this is a labor of love; but absolutely a awesome hobby. Sharing some then and now pictures with you! Take care! G
  7. That is one beautiful home, I know you will enjoy bringing life back to it. Have fun!
  8. Hi! Thanks! Its good to hear from you and yes, you are not to far. I only know of Miniature Makers Workshop in Royal Oak, a Train and Hobby shop on Utica Road and Hobby Lobby. Are there any other places in our area? I'm doing a renovation of the S/W Crafts Country Estate from the 70's and its quite large. Just last night decided to knock out all 11 of the windows and replace with the working double-hung windows so Im in search of those and a whole lot more. Have you seen these or installed them? I was reluctant at first to replace, but the acrylic was not cut properly, some were loose and most were cut to short. Once I got started with the first one, I removed a couple more. Now, like the real house, buget for new windows. LOL Thanks for your directions I had no idea the mini world was so awesome. Take care!
  9. Hello Everyone, Like so many other new members, I too am glad to have found this site and was pointed here earlier by another member Thank you. I live in Rochester Hills, Michigan and just purchased my first home; a vintage Farmhouse, that was started and never finished. Its in all raw materials, so I plan to continue, make a few modifications and add electricity. I have worked on real homes, but never a miniature and find it amazing, a great place to unwind and be creative. Did anyone else find themselves running in all directions with excitement to do this and that? I find I have to slow down and take one thing at a time; quality not quantity! Well what I have is called, The Colonial Estate and made by S/W Crafts. If anyone knows anything about this one, please I would love to know as I can't find much information about it or the company as it is out of business. I hope to hear from some of you about your experiences and expertise in the miniature world. It's an amazing little world! Thank you, Gloria
  10. I have your Etsy store booked marked. I love the pillows and you have a great variety, I'm sure I'll be shopping there when the time comes for decorating contemporary country furnishings with antique look accessories. Thank you again. Gloria
  11. Thanks! I have so many plans, my head spins. LOL I ordered the Cir-Kit electrical kit and plan to do a lot of lights. I never could imagine how much fun and relaxing this hobby could be. I paid 50.00 for the house and she gave me a couple of boxes full of people and furniture some not to scale. Not sure what I'll keep and what I'll pass along. I'll post progress.
  12. Hi, Good post and price! I feel the same way. as I was not sure where to start and heaven forbid, what if I make a mistake. eek! Well, I just went for it, as it was hard at first, but I started with the little things I could fix and replace to gain confidence and I'm still at that stage, but more confident now then ever (and this is my first home). However, I'm sure we both enjoy what we have and I find it wonderful to sit and think of what these little homes are today, and where they will look like in the future. Good Luck, I'm sure what ever you do, it will be warm and beautiful.
  13. Hello Everyone, This is my first dollhouse restoration and so glad to have found this site. I researched prior to buying and read for your first one, you should start small, a room box or small home. Well, I came across this large grand old farmhouse needing to be completed, one look and I was smitten; I bought the Farm. I have not seen any other one like it, nor when searching S/W Crafts does anything come up. If there is anyone that knows about this company and history I would be thrilled to know. The home I now own is S/W Crafts, Inc Country Estate Doll house. I have the original build instructions which looks a bit vintage and the lady I purchased it from, her Father-in-law built it with the intention of her finishing. Well obviously that never happened because it had been in storage for quite a few years and is in fairy good shape, just needs lots of TLC. Thanks for reading! G
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