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  1. This is my first dollhouse project after years of dreaming (and Pinning) about one. I'm using a Greenleaf Orchid and planning on adding two extensions, one on either side, and possibly a small garden. I have always loved the shabby chic style so as of right now, this is the style I hope to use most of in this project. My two furry helpers may be heavily featured in this album as well.
  2. Oh thank you!! the picture shows up great. Do you have a picture of the whole front piece? Sorry, I'm just very curious! I want to do something similar and I'm trying to do a lot of research before I get my hands dirty :)
  3. I'm not sure if it's my computer or not, but this image didn't load did you post it anywhere else? I'd love to see how you did this.
  4. This is GORGEOUS. Simple, but absolutely gorgeous.
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