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  1. This house is so adorable, and looks very cozy. Love the kitchen floor!
  2. MamaD

    Butterfly Specimen Box

    These are very neat. What did you use for the butterflies?
  3. I like both the TV and the fireplace - though think the TV fits better with the look and other items in the room. What color are you thinking about painting the fireplace?
  4. Looking at this kit I totally see the opportunity to make a diner! I feel like I've seen several concerted train cars on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on Food Network... I haven't seen many on the west coast, so I've always thought it was a midwest/east coast thing. What a great kit that sparks so many ideas!
  5. I got to visit the home and gardens a few years ago - absolutely amazing! And incredibly inspirational! I hope you to go back again one day...
  6. Welcome, Mary Helen! How neat that you have been able to collect treasures from all over the world!
  7. You're welcome! This might sound silly but I just printed one of these pictures to put up in my craft space as a goal to be this good. Beautiful work.
  8. Absolutely incredible. Your work is so inspiring!
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