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  1. im just starting my build and thats also what assumed it is as well. the front step is very small in this house not much to it. i placed all the pieces in a baggie just in case i was wrong and i can assemble it last as it shows in the instructions that gluing the little step on is the very last step. hope that helps you along a bit happy building
  2. thank you Sable you guys are always the best
  3. thank you very much from what i can see im good to go for what i have in mind :)
  4. I know I don't know why it does not show it. I was hoping someone here might have had one in the past.
  5. I have a basic idea I watched you tube videos last night just trying to find out how many lights I can run off with this one. I was givin a tape wire kit but it had no transformer with it
  6. hobby lobby has this transformer on sale but im not really sure how many light bulbs can run off it anybody else have a idea im planing on tapewire thank you all http://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Dollhouses-Miniatures/Building-Electrical-Components/Large-Dollhouse-Electrical-Transformer/p/21363
  7. it reminds me of a project we did with the kids where we blew up a balloon took yarn soaked in white glue wrapped it around the balloon in odd patters and when the glue dried pop the balloon and it was in the shape maybe find tiny balloons if thats a possibility
  8. thank you this is all new to me i never even heard of it till here i was only able to find one jar at michaels and they didnt even know what i was looking for so im lucky i found the one brand its artist loft white i was hoping the whole time i got the right kind
  9. Thank you both i just wanted to make sure i didn't screw it up :)
  10. Quick ? I just bought gesso to try and it said add water to a portion you intend to use. Do you really do thsy or use it just as it is ?
  11. thats how i do it to lots of sanding and they come out very nice i just finished my ashley house this way
  12. oh i would love that willowcrest just not sure we can swing it money wise but someone will be a lucky gal :)
  13. yup i sanded the heck out of it after it was all glued together then i only had to do one coat of stain.
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