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  1. I am trying to clean up and organize my work area (the dining room) and found a mysterious heavy box. Opened it up and apparently I bought a Microlux miter/cut-off saw, with no memory of having ordered or received it. I was very happy to find it and it was on my wish list, but good grief! I looked through my Amazon wish list and I definitely have a problem.
  2. Lita

    Savannah’s Linfield

    This is a Duracraft Linfield, already assembled by an unknown previous owner. I am re-inventing this as a Nordic forest cottage for the daughter of a dear friend. We loved the wood accents in the gables, and re-imagined this house not as the painted lady it was intended to be, but as a fairy cottage in the forest that might be visited by elves, unicorns, gnomes or critters.
  3. Perhaps someone already posted this, but cryin’ out loud! This is a nice house but it’s painted barn red. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Doll-House-House-of-Broel-By-Artist-Bonnie-Broel-House-of-all-Seasons/183525715312?hash=item2abafc2d70:g:1CAAAMXQnYJQ9TgN
  4. That absolutely makes sense. The other thing I learned shopping for kits is that one woodworking supplier also includes a template for a curved cut-out in the upper floor. Duh! I won't be able to fit a curved stair into a square hole...Will have to consider that!
  5. I guess that's why the already-assembled curved staircases with handrails are $50 and up! You're right, the handrail is the problem.
  6. I also want to do a curved staircase. I get that there is math involved in planning the steps but the curved railing is my problem. I'm sure it involves soaking and bending a piece, but do you have more detailed info?
  7. I hate “me too” postings but this is a really helpful thread. I got a vintage Duracraft Linfield that someone else got at a garage sale (and didn’t know its value) but we have no idea of who assembled it in the first place. I’m re-furbishing it for the daughter of a good friend but she’ll only have part of the story. How I wish we knew what loving hands assembled it for their child.
  8. @Mid-life madness we just came to the conclusion that it is a kit! I just tore the stairs off to see what kind of glue was used so I know what my options are. Thanks for identifying it for me! That was going to be my next question. This is going to work great for my project.
  9. I just bought this unfinished scratch-built 1:12 scale house. It has some really cool features and some weird mistakes. It looks like the builder had some decent woodworking skills. The most perplexing thing is the shingles are tucked whole between the walls at the dormers rather than being angle-cut to fit around the dormer. So if I want to change the roof (and I do), first I have to pry them out of there and then there will be a gap to fill.
  10. I got this little needle-felted owl for my haunted house, all the way from Montenegro! It’s actually more a house of curiosities than haunted.
  11. I wonder if I could try wire in the hem of a curtain to help with draping? (Along with steaming the folds in) Have you made curtains?
  12. @havanaholly how do you make your dolls? Ceramic? Polymer clay? I am just getting started making dolls but I’m probably better at making the clothes than the actual dolls. Always looking for tips or ideas.
  13. I have used the paint stirrers for shelves but I would hate to do a whole floor with them. They also seem a bit too wide.
  14. I like to paste screenshots into Word if I only want specific ones. You can resize each individual image that way and Word has a ruler on the side and top to help you. If you don't have Word or an advanced version of Adobe or photo application, I don't know. However, Jennifer's Printables as mentioned above does have the products in groups. Here's one: http://www.jensprintables2.com/grocerymenu.htm
  15. I’ve not used working windows with plexiglass in them. It looks like there is plastic film to protect the “glass” from scratches, is that correct?
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