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  1. Hi all, I got a dollhouse for free. It is Architect brand 3 story 8 rooms 3 dormers. I got it already put together and thats all. It has been sitting around unfinished for 17 years. The wood is extremely dry. I'd like to know what to use to rehydrate the wood. I haven't decided on how to finish the outside yet. Thanks
  2. I'm going to try using colored duct tape to make a design on a regular floor tile. Thanks Holly!
  3. I found the Architect's Choice (design 5 already built) dollhouse for free on Craigslist and couldn't resist so I went and picked it up. I want to do a '40s style farmhouse look so have been looking for instructions on how to make the geometric '40s linoleum for the kitchen. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about doing this?
  4. Happy New Year! I hope things ease up on you this year and more blessings come your way. =~)
  5. Hello from finally frozen central Illinois!
  6. Hi again, I was wondering if anyone subscribes/d to any miniatures/dollhouse hardcopy, mail person delivered magazines. I'm looking for which you think are good, bad, worth the money or not. I found dollhouse miniatures, scenes, etc. but I'm not interested in auto renewal. The 3 I saw have that and I believe are published by the same people. Thanks
  7. I've been considering the same thing. I've been holding on to candle jars, those small, square, clear glass planters (can get at Dollar stores), and also tins with lids. Like Altoids tins only bigger. Mine have had cookies in them but are small, like 6x4.
  8. I also love to read, anything that holds my attention but mostly fantasy and sci-fi which to me are totally different. I've recently gotten into magazines Natgeo, Sierra Club, Smithsonian. I don't remember not being able to read. It's always been my escape. I crochet, write short stories and am starting to enter writing contests. I have 3 brothers, 2 several years older (7 & 4 yrs) the other 8 yrs younger. They're all jerks and I've chosen to be estranged. I collect beach sand, turtles, books, and old-school trolls. I enjoy snail pen palling if anyone would like to write. My favorite col
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