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  1. I second the Melissa and Doug furniture. Sturdy and well made. I don't know what your budget is, but that barn is so cute and remember that you can use a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby. That's how I got my mom's Orchid.
  2. Is this supposed to be Miss Marple? She's wonderful-so expressive
  3. I got the same kit for Christmas too! Not usually a fan of doing a kit as well, but it will be nice having all the decisions made for me. For once. I also like the fact that the pieces are wood, not plastic.
  4. gotcha. She even says "backstory" but I misinterpreted it. It was entertaining for a while to think that someone was 110+ and still building dollhouses!
  5. I was curious about the fact that Frida was her client in 1930. Wouldn't that make her at least 110 years old?
  6. Gorgeous, but more than I paid for my first two (real) houses!
  7. I GOT MY PACKAGE! & everything in it. (Still want to know what the other people were doing with my package all this time...)
  8. Hmmm.... I wonder if we have the same neighbors. A few years ago, my sister sent me a package for my birthday (April) At our family reunion in July, she asked about it; I had no idea what she was talking about (never got it). I checked w/ my PO and she put a tracer on it-nothing. Fast forward to NOVEMBER. Knock on the door. It's a woman who lived two streets over. She'd gotten the package in April, realized it wasn't hers, and left it on her dining room table. She thought it was hilarious. The second time was a textbook my DH needed for a class. This time she only kept it for 6 weeks. By the
  9. Smoking hot deal on a Greenleaf Brookwood......Now it might be a Buttercup that shows up, but it is sold through Wayfair so you might be easily returnable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Greenleaf-Dollhouses-Buttercup-Dollhouse/392099739560?epid=26011386542&hash=item5b4af737a8:g:mD8AAOSwKqNcohnw I messaged them about this. So far, no reply. I would jump all over this if I knew it really was a Brookwood.
  10. I had tried that dental wax for braces and they stayed on about 2 minutes. I really want to just glue them on; thanks for giving me the freedom to do so!
  11. Hi all, I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, but can't find it. I'm trying to hang family pictures in my orchid. How do you all hang them? I did hang a cuckoo clock on the wall; I cut a straight pin and used that as a "nail" but it was so fiddly and took forever to get it in the wall. Do you all just glue framed pictures straight on or use something else? Thanks! Laurie (Nolephan)
  12. nolephan

    Front Outside

    I enjoyed touring your home. It's lovely; you did a great job on it. I esp. love the needlework and the family pictures.
  13. That is awesome! So happy for them and you!
  14. I had to look up Zathura, since I'm not familiar with the movie. Neat house. Love the craftsman style.
  15. I bought this paper for my orchid but changed my mind. It might work for you. The price is right! If the link doesn't work, go to the Hobby Lobby website, navigate to scrapbook papers and put Eloise Floral in the search. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Scrapbook-Paper-Crafts/Paper-Cardstock/Printed-Paper-Single-Sheets/Eloise-Floral-Scrapbook-Paper---8-1-2-x-11/p/114175
  16. I have this kit in my stash and couldn't picture it in any color other than white. I really like the colors you used and love the french doors. Great job!
  17. I hope you do make it, or it could be a shop in Diagon Alley.
  18. Just thought of another one. Hogwarts-with moveable staircases! You could even do just a room box with the common room.
  19. Oh my! The pool house is incredible! Holly, i agree with you about Lothlorien. Such creative, and different ideas!That's what makes this so much fun. We can live out our fantasies on a much smaller, and more affordable scale.
  20. I'm sure this has been done before, but if you could translate any full size house into miniature what would you choose? Doesn't have to be a real house, could be from a movie/tv/novel etc. I would choose the house in the last scene of North by Northwest. Love the cantilevered-ness of it! Or Falling Water (same reasons!)
  21. Hi, Orchid was my first kit too. I survived, you can too! This blog helped a lot. http://moreminis.blogspot.com You have to have a facebook acct. to be able to view the builds, but it was very helpful. Also, I downloaded an enhanced instruction sheet from this site. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=downloads&module=downloads&controller=browse Look for orchid instructions by miniman Bonne chance!
  22. Don't anybody shoot me, but I'm trying hard not to turn on the AC! It's 78 here in NC. Watching the Olympics to try and stay cool!
  23. love it! I want an inglenook (in my real house)
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