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  1. no worries! just ordered a couple! thank you again!! b
  2. so cool! kinda lord of the rings-ish!! love it
  3. I've worked with multiple foamcore thickness, to prevent warping I would suggest 1/2 or thicker. you won't regret it! I have used the standard foamcore and experienced loads of warping on a garage I built, however once I utilized the 1/2 thickness no worries! I'm also building a house out of gator board, although it is much sturdier at a smaller thickness, it requires sanding prior to painting and is quite expensive where I am and almost impossible to procure. hth! and good luck in whatever material you choose to use! I look forward to seeing some construction photos!
  4. kokomo -don't suppose you remember where you picked up your triangle ruler from? I have been searching for one and the fact that the one you have is transparent is a win in my books!!
  5. gabbi! welcome to Canada!! and welcome to the life of miniatures!
  6. good morning everyone! recently my club has asked members to pick a month from the calendar and create a mini room box (unsure of dimensions yet). from the months that were remaining I choose May. I would like to create an outdoor scene, perhaps farm related and was wondering if anyone had tried creating realistic pastures with using teddy bear fur for grass? or something else perhaps? or perhaps you have another idea for which direction I could take this scene in? -fishing for ideas!
  7. I'm in love with your roof!! glad you decided to keep it!
  8. oh hang in there, we've all had days/nights like that! some of us longer periods of time!! hahah you just need a break, cuppa tea, and a fresh perspective! hang in there!! b
  9. I hope I have copied this right...see the link above for the directions of boiling clay....hth
  10. Thank you mid-lifemaddness so cool! What a great technique!
  11. was cruising through and thought this title sounded interesting. however the links no longer work! is anyone able to re-post?
  12. Rebecca, are you willing to share the info regarding the base of the doll you purchased? I think your doll was just lovely and am anxious to see if you were able to repair her? and of course how you dressed her! cheers!
  13. this is the second forum in a matter of days that suggested watching the TED talk. wow-talk about incredible! thanks for the suggestion! such wonderful work and such a wonderful artist!
  14. wendy, what an intriguing story! I would love to see a pic of the lucky rescued house! and I'd love to see how you end up decorating it! such fun!
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