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  1. This is really cute! You have done a great job on it, I love M.E. themes.
  2. EllenC

    Joann Swanson

    I think this link to Facebook is Joanne Swanson, she doesn't seem to include the name Swanson any longer, her email name is Joanne Hallmark, but I've been assuming this was her, hope so. https://www.facebook.com/joannesminis/
  3. EllenC

    Bathroom, left side

    Love this bathroom!
  4. EllenC

    Drybrushing 2.jpg

    Love this Glencroft, great job!
  5. EllenC

    Wireless Controller

    I've never heard of this type of system, it's interesting with wireless control.
  6. EllenC


    Love this, great job!
  7. This is one of the prettiest Beacon Hill's I've seen, love your work!
  8. This woman has step by step help for building the Pierce. http://moreminis.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-pierce-dollhouse-blog.html
  9. EllenC

    kitchen table

    So pretty, I love your work!
  10. Those houses are worth a lot of money to some people. Have you thought about listing it on Craigslist or E-Bay (stating it's available for local pickup only)? You could make a few dollars selling it. I just bought one for $1200.00, drove 6 hours round trip to pick it up, saw it on Craigslist. If you have a Facebook account, there are Buy/Sell Dollhouse groups on there.
  11. I bought this house when Hobby Lobby discontinued carrying it. I LOVE it! You don't see many of them and it's gorgeous. Go for it! But offer about $65 and try to bargain, never hurts to try.
  12. Ha, that's what I thought when I found out about this wonderful hobby many years ago! Check these blogs out, some great dollhouses and room boxes. http://inpayne.com/dollhouse/dollhouses.html http://www.nanasminis.com http://moreminis.blogspot.com
  13. EllenC


    Your miniatures are wonderful! Are those individual strips of wood for the siding? Would you share what type glue did you used, there's no buckling like I so often encounter with siding.
  14. The pups look so real! Love them.
  15. EllenC


    Oh, so pretty, a true Painted Lady!
  16. I think one thing that got me interested in modern houses was seeing the furnishings available at Elf Minis, love their stuff, the kitchen items are so great!
  17. EllenC


    I love this house! You did a wonderful job, the colors and everything are so appealing. Excellent!
  18. I haven't seen this house before, I really love it. I love Victorian style but it's nice to see modern houses too!
  19. I enjoy this blog and you might also. http://thegarfieldblog.blogspot.com
  20. This link has a beautiful Garfield house that I love and there are some general building tips. http://www.nanasminis.com/yellow-rose-inn.html
  21. Hi Deborah, this is not my house but a link to a photo of First Lady http://blog.realgoodtoys.com/miniaturist-of-the-month-brenda-bourque/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/225250418834051069/
  22. Hi, I joined this group a few weeks ago so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place. I've looked at this website for years and finally decided to join, I've enjoyed looking at photos and reading blogs. I've enjoyed this hobby for about 25 years and I like all scales but mostly collect in 1:12 scale. When I began this hobby, I planned to have just one huge house but several years ago Hobby Lobby quit selling a lot of the dh models they had carried for years, RGT, Duracraft, etc., not only did they sell off the kits at a very reduced price but they were selling all their display models too, and I bought at least one in every style, the prices were just too good to pass up. Yes, I'm a dh hoarder! About 10 years ago, I went to an estate sale in my town, they had advertised dollhouses but it was like walking into a dollhouse dream sale! Tons of dollhouses and kits and the prices were very good. I seemed to be the only person interested in them so the first day of the sale (friday), I called my husband and we hauled 2 pickup loads of the more unusual dollhouses away, these were models I had never seen before, so I believe they had been built from plans. I wasn't able to go back on that Saturday, but I called the Estate sale company on Sunday morning and she said she had not sold anymore of the houses and said she would make me a good deal if I would just haul them away! I paid her $50 and I made 4 trips in my pickup truck. These were nice houses, I mean like a Thornhill kit, and various other big kits, also got 3 half scale houses already built, and a gas station, just an assortment of great houses/shops. I recently realized that one of the half scale houses is the hard to find "First Lady" house that was built for Mrs. Carter during her Whitehouse years. Unfortunately none of the built houses were in perfect shape because they had been left in a garage and a shed just piled on top of each other for years, so there was mucho cleaning of wasp nests, spider webs, & grime, but what a haul that was. I had asked the estate sale company about the owner of the houses, she said the woman had a brain injury and building the houses had been her physical therapy, which I thought was interesting. I thought it was odd that someone would spend that much money on these houses just to pile them on top of each other in a shed. Most of the houses weren't decorated at all which I was glad of so I didn't have wallpaper to remove. I've slowly been working on them, never enough time in a day, but I have to say, this hobby has brought me a great deal of joy, I've met a lot of nice people and I look forward every day to working on miniatures or at least looking at them. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas that celebrates the day.
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