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  1. I have a kit for a one room greenhouse I need to get a move on
  2. Hi, I’m not new, but I haven’t been here in four years because a whole bunch of life happened. But I want to take up my miniatures hobby again and talk to other people who share this interest.
  3. Saw the first two episodes, and enjoyed them. But I’m really bad at predicting the winners. The “book” looking dollhouse wound up being the prettiest, although I thought the the three-dollhouse concept was the most intriguing.
  4. Yikes! It never gets to 110 in PA, the hottest I ever remember is 103 and that was a long time ago. Today it's going in the 90s, but sunny
  5. A lot of railroader hacks cross over well with miniatures...
  6. The tiny rug is gorgeous, the design is very sweet, very Christmassy
  7. Those baskets are so cute. Such tiny work...
  8. It's the lighting partially, the angle partially, the color of your top (blue is the most flattering for most people--no patterns). Also, the image in the mirror is in constant (if subtle) motion, and we automatically soften and rearrange our features as we look at ourselves. There is no feedback in front of the camera, so we simply don't know if we're making a "weird" face. I don't know how old you are, but I'm 49, and I HAVE to wear makeup--especially eyeliner and mascara--for photos or else my eyes disappear. Also foundation powder for my rosacea. But ALWAYS eyeliner. back in my acting days, I learned that if I tell myself a joke just before the picture is taken, and open my eyes ever-so-slightly, (to avoid laugh-squint), my pics turn out great. Really skilled photographers know how to loosen their subjects up so they look their best, unfortunately, the best photographers do not work at the Walmart or the DMV...
  9. Oh yes, it's definitely a "thing". I personally lack the confidence and (mostly) the time to build, so I collect--thrift shops and yard sales are great sources of inexpensive and prebuilt doll houses--and decorate. Mini collecting can be anything you like it to be.
  10. I'm sorry about the layoff, but it's great how you're turning this lemon into some lemonade and using the time to start a fun project just for your enjoyment! welcome to the forum
  11. Hi, welcome to the forum, and best of luck with your new doll house.
  12. That house is very cute, like something out of a fairy tale.
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