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  1. Yikes! It never gets to 110 in PA, the hottest I ever remember is 103 and that was a long time ago. Today it's going in the 90s, but sunny
  2. A lot of railroader hacks cross over well with miniatures...
  3. The tiny rug is gorgeous, the design is very sweet, very Christmassy
  4. Those baskets are so cute. Such tiny work...
  5. Sorry to necromance the thread a month late--RL stuff got in the way (work/Christmas), but yes it was fun, and yes, it snowed, but not too badly! I'll have to try Landis some day...
  6. Decorating our main dollhouse for Christmas. we have several dollhouses, the main one (the best one) is in the dining room, there's a little 3 room dollhouse in the living room, and the rest live in the basement along with plastic storage bins full of furniture and dolls of varying quality. We have a dry basement, so it's not as bad as it sounds. The master plan is to spruce up all the basement dollhouses, but my time is at a premium because of work. I also have a daughter who likes to move all the furniture around and switch it out among the houses, so it's very like herdin
  7. Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem. I've wanted to go for years-- but they're calling for a "wintry mix" in the Lehigh Valley this afternoon, so hopefully my friends don't bail on me...
  8. ...starting to make Christmas cookies... tomorrow will be actual "baking day", but tonight I'm going to make the sugar cookie doughs that have to be chilled.
  9. Rain all day and a high of 61. Tennessee is more than welcome to our rain
  10. KathieB, What's a "mirliton"? This Pennsy gal needs to know!
  11. Working the overnight shift for the next three nights, but on my time off, I'm sorting through my miniatures collection. But safe travels to the travelers here!
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