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  1. I have used watered down acrylics to distress wallpaper. I taped it down and didn't have any trouble with wrinkling. Just to be sure you could always do little test swatch though!!
  2. I have a little girl so I probably should've known what a Shopkin was. Lol. I just googled it though, they are really cute!!!
  3. Take care! Sounds like a nice evening and like you got some fun supplies for when you are feeling better! I spent the long weekend working on some cardboard furniture for my half scale house. I usually am too heavy handed and accidentally crush things I make out of cardboard but after reading an article on building cardboard Putz houses I realized there are lots of ways to reinforce the structure to make them a little more sturdy. So far I have made an antique chest, various crates and boxes for the attic and I'll hopefully finish up an antique stove I am working on today. I may have overestimated my abilities with that though, we'll see how it turns out once it's painted! There quite a few kits I'd like to buy for it but I'm saving my pennies for my materials to finish my 1:12 house so I will try my best to DIY what I can.
  4. I think I might try to enter this year. I like that kit, not that I need another project though!!!
  5. Amazing!!! I really want to try this scale, I love all the details on this piece!
  6. I was in a car accident a few years ago and have lower back troubles so I really try to be careful about my position but I often forget myself when I am working on minis and end up in all kinds of terrible positions! I have recently started putting my half scale house on a table and then sitting on a footstool so I am at eye level with it which helps a lot. I am currently looking for the right table or stand to hold my very heavy 1:12 house so I don't have to spend hours hunched over on the floor as I decorate it..then I just have to have someone help me to lift it up there!! :/
  7. I am a perfectionist and also someone that can't stand having things unfinished. My dollhouses have definitely helped me to slow down and enjoy the process more. I suspect that both of my current projects won't be totally be done for a long time, if ever! Lol I am taking my time to work on each tiny detail and slowly accumulating the furnishings and decor. Many of the really grand antique dollhouses I admire were built and furnished over many years so I just try to remind myself when I get really anxious to "just get it done." I had really specific ideas for my first house and quickly realized that I enjoy much more figuring it out as I go.
  8. I think the easiest thing would be to just cover over it with textured paper or paneling!
  9. I totally hate grocery shopping! I had been putting it off but finally had to venture from my hermitage yesterday to get some more provisions. My kids are 5 and 7, they cleaned me out over the winter break. I don't even want to think about my grocery bill when they are teenagers! Now that I've got that out of the way I have all day today and tomorrow to work on putting the front on my 1:12 house, do some more stitching on the mini quilt I'm making and maybe do a little 3D modeling. I probably should spend it cleaning my 1:1 house though. *Sigh*
  10. That is a great tip! I will definitely be doing that on the 1:12 build I'm working on now!!
  11. Thanks! A bottle cap would make a perfect 1:12 pie pan!
  12. I posted this on Instagram a while back but I thought I'd share here too! I wanted to try my hand at miniature food so I came up with these easy single crust pies from things I had on hand. For the filling I used air dry paper clay pressed into pie plates and textured with a toothpick. A custard pie would be even easier because you would just have to smooth it out! When it was completely dry I painted it and sealed it clear nail polish for my shiny strawberry and blueberry filling. For the 1:12 pie I braided 3 strands of Perle cotton and stiffened them with glue. The 1:24 pie is just one strand. I painted strings with light brown acrylic paint. I probably should add a little golden brown for a more realistic look! Attaching the crusts was the trickiest part. I attached it a little bit at a time, letting the glue glue dry as I worked my way around. Then I cut the ends at a slant so they matched up. These are a nice, quick project to make especially for a mini food making novice like myself!
  13. Oh! What a generous giveaway! I will definitely be entering!
  14. That is a gorgeous house!! I love the siding and the landscaping, it's so charming! I look forward to seeing your new house. An old tavern sounds like a really fun project!!
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