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  1. Samusa

    Mini Paintings

    Decided to give @Deb's suggestion a whirl and paint a mini picture from the Youtube channel Painting with Jane. This is where I'll put my finished paintings.
  2. Your flooring is really cute and you have picked such a pretty pink for the walls
  3. Wow! I had no idea... totally worth it then .. where is Susie, she needs to go and snap that up!
  4. Oh I must have missed that bit .. you are right that is a good deal. It’s so big though someone will need a lot of space for it.
  5. Samusa

    Alabama Hayfield

    Never painted a thing in my life before teaching myself from YouTube videos.. I swear
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133604791101 cool house for someone in Los Angeles.. I’d be bartering them down on price a bit though.
  7. Samusa

    The windmill

    Thanks and phew! That’s what I was going for
  8. Thanks so much ☺️.. I do spend quite a bit of time on them so I appreciate the feedback.
  9. Samusa

    The cottage

    Thanks Linda ☺️
  10. Samusa

    The cottage

    Haha me too.. I think that’s the craft room off to the left
  11. Yes I buy my matboard from the scraps bin at my local framing shop too.. that way I know I’m getting art quality. The smaller off cuts are more than big enough for most Miniature applications and a more manageable size than those huge sheets you get in the store. Cheap as chips too ☺️
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