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  1. Hi i just thought i would introduce myself. Im Simon and i live in the UK. About 10 years ago i bought and started building a Deacon Hill Kit, i had most of the outside frame built, but then things in my personal life went south... My now ex wife left my dollhouse outside in the rain so that it was ruined and that as they say was that. But i never lost interest and my dream was always to have another one. I am finally in a position to start over having just sent my last project (a car) off to the paint shop i can now start thinking about my new kit. This time i have purchased the Garfield (the house i originally fell in love with) and plan on doing something a little crazy with it. Having built the frame of the Deacon Hill i was a little un impressed with the thin walls so the plan this time round is to use the KIT as a template and make the frame out of MDF of the correct thickness that i can then fit working windows and doors into the frame. It also means that i should be able to either scratch build or buy working windows to fit the kit and adjust the window apertures to fit whatever is available. Having thicker walls should also make it easier to run wires for lights in a grove but thats still very much in the thinking about stage atm. I doubt i will actually get started much before the new year but between now and then i want to find out as much as i can from people who have built this kit and how they have finished it. I will also be trawling the internet for ideas for finishes etc so that when it comes to time to start i will hopefully have a large "scrapbook" of ideas to plan my build around.
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