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  1. I used upholstery strips to side this house, I found it satisfactory, and of course very economical.
  2. BWMurphy

    RGT General Store

    My General Store, an eternal work in progresswo
  3. I am lucky enough to have a very large workbench in my basement.
  4. Sorry I'm so late with my response, but I've been devoting most free time to outdoor living, and indoor hobbies like the general store on on hold until fall/winter. I hope to post my progress then. Thanks for your interest!
  5. You are most welcome, I hope you have successful results with it.
  6. Thanks, I'm glad you found that video demonstration....it really does work!
  7. I'd like to view that, but can't seem to track it down. Is there a direct link? Thanks!
  8. As I recall, white craft glue (Aline's perhaps?). It was over 20 years ago! Paint was applied with a foam brush after gluing.
  9. Nicely done! I really like the vintage gas pump out front too.
  10. I'm thinking that this is one of those projects that will always be a work in progress. There are so many more accessories to build...somehow I ended up with two whole kits of country store items, so there are lots more crates and flour sacks, etc. to be added. BTW, the windows are the plexi or acrylic panels that came with the store kit. I know, I need to clean 'em off! The only component I chose to replace was the door. I really disliked the big brass hinges on the door included with the kit. Now I'm on a quest for some printable vintage boxes and can labels in scale to fill those shel
  11. Thanks Holly! Looks like my Irish Setter's mini-me has chased the cat outside for a while...
  12. Just wanted to show my progress with this project. I'm going to keep the front of the store removable for ease of access. Tape wire is installed for lighting the pot belly stove at some point soon. I want to also replace the paper sign with stenciled lettering, and perhaps some stenciled signage on the sides of the building. Any suggestions?
  13. Here is a photo of the results. Kindly forgive the dust, this house is stored in my attic just now, and will be refurbished as soon as I'm satisfied with my General Store project. I'd be pleased to know that someone else would find this useful, in return for the kind assistance of I've received here!
  14. Forgot to mention that even though this product is sold on a roll, it straightens easily and maintains very well after adhering. Eventually I'll get around to showing the results with a photo.
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