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  1. I would agree with Emily that RGT houses are heavy but the the half scale ones may be ok. I am working on a half scale front opening Victorian. I thought that in the box it was was too heavy but once I pulled it out and dry fit it together it was fine. I easily carried that house around and moved it at will, even filled with furnishings. The way RGT packages their kits you might be able to carefully open the box and do a quick dry fit and just check the approximate size and weight. They can be re-packaged very nicely to work on or sell later.
  2. Oh that is a great house Emily.
  3. Yes shipping from Russia and Spain is taking a long time right now. I have also been waiting regularly 90 days and more for orders.. My spending is a little higher because since covid I got brave and started to make headway on my projects and I have become more enthusiastic. A lot of what I have ordered has been from overseas artisans. I tend to order things I could never in a million years learn to make as well as they do from artisans I admire. Since covid I am not doing much else and I have been inclined to "treat myself" with a new thing every few weeks. Kind of one purchase at a time. I have a pretty good stash to work from so I fill in the order wait time making up House of Miniatures kits I have been holding onto. I also have some Red Cottage Miniatures stuff I bought last year that I pulled out again and re-started. I have probably doubled my time on miniatures this winter over a year ago, but maybe tripled my output because I have improved.
  4. Craft area creep... I knew there had to be a name for it. Sadly for my husband our dining table has the best light in the whole house. He still gets his corner.
  5. Two thumbs down as well, and I reserve the right to disagree.
  6. It does have a very "victorian male' feel. it is nice to see a really well done male room in a dollhouse. INMHO the Fairfield tower room is hard to furnish believably as well. I tried mine as a sewing room, and then kind of gave up and undid it. I could not get over the idea of going all the way up and down with sewing supplies and huge bolts of fabric. Your study is lovely and cozy and makes much more sense. The record player up there is also very believable. "George get that thing out of my living room, if I have to listen to that racket one more time..."
  7. That is a really nice house , I strongly considered it. I decided with the current number of projects and the slowww rate That I finish them that I should not get it. Those are nice kits to assemble though, and that one is very complete with nice quality windows and stairs.
  8. Etsy issued me a full refund on the shadowcliff dollhouse today. So I have my money back. Thank you everyone for your emotional support. It was appreciated. I will be more careful in future about checking seller feedback and length of time the shop has been open. But all is well that ends well...
  9. Thank you Carrie I have been looking for that light
  10. Medieval, No that is not the same seller if you wanted that kit go for it. The seller I had trouble with was on Etsy and she is no longer there any more either.
  11. I like Julie Warren. When I started trying to build doll furniture I used imperial and converted everything. Then doing Julie Warrens stuff I started using metric and converted everything. Now I am in the units is units camp. I use whichever seems to be the most sensible for that project (whatever units are used by the author, usually). However I do stay with the same units for that entire project. I got several metal rulers with both imperial and metric markings. I will say that I find them to be extremely helpful but the calculations are not hard and I find my own accuracy is more of a limiting factor.
  12. For those starting here in the middle wondering what happened I purchased a dollhouse from an Etsy seller realizing after I had paid That the house in the listing photo I "purchased" was the Broel House of all Seasons and the transaction was a fraud. I have been working at getting my money back ever since. So now you are caught up. Buyer beware and all that.
  13. Susie, No I have not gotten it resolved so far. The seller said she shipped it ( no tracking info ) and I tried to get Etsy once again to do something then as she was still selling. She closed up and went away but Etsy would not allow any action until the dollhouse finally did not arrive a few days ago. Etsy has finally allowed me to file a claim for non delivery requesting a refund from the seller, and we are now waiting for a seller response. She of course has not responded, but her time allowed is not up yet so waiting... I will let everyone know what happens. I did not want to cast a shadow over this thread it is one that I enjoy immensely. The eye candy aspect is always a day brightener and I get lots of ideas and inspiration and a bit of education here. I will always wonder what happened behind the scenes, how many other doll houses that seller sold and if anyone got one. Thank you for the link to The Broel House of all Seasons, I do love that house. (passed that listing info on to Etsy as well)
  14. I love the way you finished the inside of this. I am not any expert but it looks very real to me.
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