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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. That little potbelly stove looks fantastic.
  2. Wow. Lucky you. I love Barbara Sabia's work and have purchased several pieces. It would be great to take a class from her and your lovely door certainly does look very professional.
  3. Felthen

    Work on the interior

    What a lovely and pleasant interior.
  4. I enjoyed the pictures of the casita stove so much. Thanks for posting them. I have been absolutely stuck on what to do with the dollhouse kitchen I am working on. I haven't liked anything I have tried with it and have been browsing around trying to find some new idea that might kickstart the whole mess a better direction. Hmmm maybe a separate outdoor summer kitchen... I too love the colors you picked for this.
  5. Good for you! Stairs can be hard to get right.
  6. Yes if it just sat on the base and could be lifted off then the house would still fit through the door, The table could fold, and you could turn the base sideways or something to get it to fit through the door also. Hmmm might work. I will have to think more on this. A dramatic seaside setting might be a possibility. Thanks Kelly
  7. I saw that first house, or one very like it for the first time about a year after I started with minis. I love those paneled rooms, especially the sitting room. I am quite the history buff and have always loved old houses. Oh, the eye candy and the realistic imagined little worlds miniaturists create. Singing Calgon, take me awaaay...
  8. And my punctuation is still so wrong...
  9. For me it is sort of hard to know what I will fall in love with in advance. I have been through a number of dollhouses, but I think I am going to stick with the Shadow Cliff I just got. It was prebuilt, pre-decorated, preloved. Whoever decorated the inside did a fantastic job of making a period Victorian house. When I was growing up we owned an island in British Columbia. This is not as unusual as it would be today. I am old and back then that area was considered wet, wild and difficult to get to. In other words, tent camping vacation country and sort of undesirable. Now of course it is resort
  10. Thanks Carrie. I enjoyed watching this. I have seen some of their stuff and somehow I always assumed Delph Miniatures was a big company. What a great family business.
  11. You are doing such a great job with this. I am sure enjoying following along.
  12. Oh yes you can find replacement parts for that porch. First I would sort through what you already have in case you have them already. If not, post here and see if someone has an exact match for those posts/trim they might sell you. Also contact Real Good Toys, they carry replacement parts, are pleasant to talk to, and are helpful and kind. It is totally possible if no one has an exact match to just redo all the posts.
  13. What a beautiful house. I love the landscaped yard. Is that a little sheep at the end of the yard?
  14. Of course I would leave it unpainted, but we all know that. I have tried the above method for fixing warp also, sometimes weighting it for longer periods and adding volumes to the stack as the curve flattens over a period of days. I got mixed results. if you can't fix the warp maybe could you redo (replicate) the door with a different piece of wood and reusing the trim? Back again to paint. I remember something in a discussion of a similar finely detailed house where someone (Emily's post?) decided to paint the house all white and let the shadows accent the trim. The detail was such
  15. The shipping cost more than the house but I wanted this dollhouse so badly. I couldn't believe what I saw those houses sell for. A couple went for a lot of money, but they were truly collectors items, and several very nice houses didn't bring much of a price at all. I wonder if anyone else from here got one. I kind of liked the Robin Betterly bed and breakfast and a couple of others. A little green cottage, and the cabin with the stream (and little orange water snake). I think the pictures are still up if you search EBETH under dollhouse finished sales. For me this was the ONE so I didn't pay
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